Our Story

Cushions Custom one of the brand of Fabrica Kraft™ wasFk Final Logo founded primarily to bridge the gap between quality home furnishings and affordability by delivering custom cushion and pillows to customers without requiring them to break the bank. The company has grown to become one of the best manufacturers of made-up home furnishings, leveraging their experience of over two decades in the field to deliver a fantastic experience to customers.

We manufacture custom cushion and pillows of any size, shape and purpose and has grown to become a leading name in the industry, uniquely combining quality with relative affordability and on-time delivery.

Our user-friendly online store brings range of products closer to our customers, with an easy-to-navigate interface that enables customers to browse through the store and purchase their favorite items. Known for using Sunbrella fabric only as well as other quality materials, the women-owned and disabled-owned brand has a team of well-trained and highly experienced professionals combining excellent craftsmanship with passion to deliver the best possible experience to customers.



Our Manufacturing History  –


Our Team (women owned & disabled owned) have over 20 years of expertise in this field, which has aided us in our pursuit of perfection in every assignment we do. Our work studio in India, gives us a competitive advantage in terms of input materials and people.

Our well-trained and experienced personnel produce high-quality items that are praised across the industry. The Production department, creates some of the most beautiful and inventive designs that are created particularly for our clients’ needs.

All production operations are carried out in-house at our facilities, allowing us total control over product quality and cost. Our on-time delivery and immaculate products have earned us a reputation as one of the industry’s most dependable suppliers.