Life can deliver the unexpected, but it doesn’t have to ruin your day…or your furniture. When you choose Sunbrella performance fabrics you get complete performance–durable and stain resistant fabrics that are easy to clean. When spills or messes happen, Sunbrella fabrics can be cleaned quickly with mild soap and water so you can get back to living comfortably and worry-free.

Sunbrella fabric are designed to be both stylish and functional. Learn how to clean & care

In just 6 easy step clean your Sunbrella fabric :

Peace of mind long after the sale

Behind every legendary Sunbrella fabric is an equally legendary care team providing continued support and assurance. Sunbrella wants you to have the best experience possible with our fabrics. The Sunbrella care team provides meaningful solutions and can talk you through most product or warranty issues. If it’s too tough to talk through, we can come to you–like sending a service provider to clean the fabric.

How to Remove Stains From Dried Blueberry Topping

Learn how to remove blueberry stains from Sunbrella fabric that have set in.

Cleaning Dried Ketchup Stains

There’s no need to panic if you get a ketchup stain. Find out how to get rid of this ubiquitous condiment.

How to Remove Stains From Fresh Salad Dressing

Dressing is a tasty addition to salads, not couches. Learn how to get rid of greasy salad dressing stains.

How to Remove Fresh Sunscreen Stains

Sunscreen is necessary to defend against the sun’s damaging rays, yet it can be difficult to apply. Learn how to remove this typical stain during the hectic summer days.

Cleaning Severe Pizza Stains

Whether it’s Chicago or New York style, the toppings on your favourite pizza can leave sticky stains if not removed promptly. But don’t be concerned.

Cleaning Dried Chocolate Stains

Don’t let your worry of a serious stain make this delicious pleasure bitter. Learn how to remove set-in chocolate stains from Sunbrella fabric in just a few easy steps.

Cleaning Salt Residue Stains

With these simple stain removal strategies illustrated in this brief cleaning demonstration, you’ll be able to efficiently remove salt residue from Sunbrella fabric.

Getting Rid of Dried Red Wine Stains

Although a glass of red wine is good for your health, the same cannot be true for your sofa or other upholstered furniture. Learn how to remove this stain from Sunbrella fabric.

How To Clean Roof Runoff Stains

Roof runoff, for example, can be difficult to remove from Sunbrella textiles without the use of a powerful cleaner. Watch this little video to see how to remove roof runoff from Sunbrella.

If you have a serious stain, check Sunbrella’s official chart, which offers suggested Sunbrella® fabric cleaning procedures for various stains. –

Spills and messes should be cleaned as soon as possible for optimal effects. Residue that has built up over time may necessitate expert cleaning. Always rinse cloth completely after cleaning using the solutions listed below.

Please rinse the cloth well after cleaning it with these recommended solutions and let it air dry.