Fast home décor products have become the dominating paradigmWeb2 for our sector, using products and a supply chain that prioritise profits over people and the environment. When we started Cushions Custom, we committed to a higher standard because we believe that enjoying the outdoors now should not hinder future generations from doing the same.

As a global corporate citizen, we acknowledge our responsibility not just to improve the lives of our customers, but also to improve, protect, and preserve the environment – both local and global – everywhere we operate. Fabrica Kraft and its partners are now striving to build a comprehensive vision of sustainability – adopting responsible measures in our company and in the communities where we live and work – that will help assure a better world today and in the future.


We will continue to support targeted socially responsible and responsive efforts, as well as design, develop, and expand programmes to assist preserve our environment. Our social responsibility initiatives are focused on two specific areas where we have previously made a difference: causes that help women, such as fostering self-confidence for cancer patients, and creative programmes that extend educational options in public education for young people.



We are committed to guaranteeing environmental health and safety, as well as supporting projects that will help us minimise our environmental imprint, in collaboration with our global production and distribution partners. Our activities, as well as those of our suppliers and partners, will also focus on minimising, reusing, and recycling materials in our manufacturing, as well as increasing efficiency in our distribution systems. Our mission will remain the same as it has always been: to deliver a brighter tomorrow for our customers, workers, neighbours, and the world at large. As we strive to make our customers’ lives more beautiful, we want to do the same for the world we share with them.

We carefully analyse every component of our products for longevity, environmental effect, and comfort. When current solutions fail to match our extraordinarily high standards, we innovate and create our own.