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Lounging around outdoors sounds more and more like the ideal activity to lots of people. If all you want to do right now is stretch out on your patio furniture and take in the sun’s rays, you should be able to do that in extreme comfort. It’s never fun to relax on a hard or dirty surface, though. There comes a time in the life of every piece of furniture where the cushions could use a refresh. That’s why we’ve compiled this guide to introduce you to the best replacement cushion for outdoor sectionals!

How to Know When You Should Replace Your Outdoor Sectional’s Cushion

 Outdoor sectional cushions unfortunately don’t last forever, and it’s important to know when it’s time to change yours out. You don’t want to relax on a cushion that’s worn down to the nub or covered in infectious germs, so make sure to be vigilant about keeping an eye out for the following signs that your cushion needs replacement:

● Excessive wear and tear. This one will be pretty easy to spot. If you notice that your outdoor sectional cushion is all torn up and just generally looks messy, it’s probably time to spruce it up. All sorts of events can cause this kind of damage to your furniture over time, resulting in scratches, rips, or holes that make your sectional appear uncomfortable.

● Mold growth. When cushions are left in certain humid environments, have spilled liquids left on them, or are generally not routinely cleaned, mold can start to grow, which is a huge problem. Using furniture that has mold growing on it can put you at risk of serious illness and is a danger to your health. For the safety of you and your guests, it’s imperative that you toss out any items that are housing mold or other bacterial growths. While a phenomenon like wear and tear will occur naturally, you can take proactive measures to protect your outdoor sectional from mold by keeping it clean and out of humid environments that encourage mold growth.

● Faded fabric. Much more innocuous than mold, faded fabric on an outdoor sectional cushion simply doesn’t look very nice. This one is mostly up to personal preference as how much a discolored cushion will bother somebody varies from person to person, but many will find that they want to go ahead and replace their cushion. The color of your cushion can fade for a few different reasons, but time is the main one. If your sectional catches a lot of sunlight (which is likely as it’s an outdoor sectional) this will speed up the discoloration process as well. A great way to combat this is to buy a high-quality cushion that will last a long time, and you can’t do much better than Sunbrella replacement cushions for outdoor sectionals.

● Unappealing stains. Everyone likes to have a good time on their outdoor sectional, which means the cushions will probably earn a stain or two over the years. This may not be bothersome at the start, but if the stains get big enough it can cause problems. Particularly nasty stains can foster the development of mold. Generally speaking, though, most stains won’t present actual danger but make your outdoor sectional cushion look visually unattractive.

● Time for something new! Sometimes, there isn’t anything wrong with your cushion. Maybe it’s time for a new look to your outdoor aesthetic and you just want to buy a replacement cushion for your outdoor sectional to change things up. With a variety of colors to choose from, Sunbrella sectional cushions are a great choice for anyone looking to spruce up their décor.

The #1 Replacement Cushion for Outdoor Sectionals

We’ve covered what an outdoor sectional cushion in need of replacement looks like, so now it’s time to dive into where you can find the best replacement. If you read the above section and realized that your sectional cushion already needs to be refreshed, don’t fret! You’ve come to the right place – Custom Cushions has the best replacement cushions for outdoor sectionals around using Sunbrella fabric. These cushions are completely customizable so they’re perfect no matter what kind of outdoor sectional you have.

Before we discuss the wonderful customizability options these Sunbrella cushions offer, we should address the basics. Any Sunbrella outdoor cushion from Custom Cushions is guaranteed to be an excellent product that completely satisfies your needs, delivering high-quality fabric that looks incredible and lasts longer than nearly anything else in the business. Designed from the ground up to protect against many of the typical causes of cushion degradation, these Sunbrella cushions come with UV ray protection and resistance from mold and bacterial growth. With Sunbrella, you won’t have to worry about the common problems we talked about above. In fact, if you go with the specialized Sunbrella Rain fabric, you can enjoy the best water resistance in the industry on top of the previously mentioned benefits. It may be unfortunate that you have to replace your outdoor sectional cushion now, but once you install your new Sunbrella cushions you can relax in style.

Speaking of style, the product lines Custom Cushions offers do more than just protect your furniture from the elements; they look fantastic while doing so. You also won’t find customizability this deep anywhere else in the industry. Want a hinged outdoor sectional cushion? You can buy one with rounded or squared corners in whatever size you choose. Or maybe your outdoor sectional needs a chaise cushion? They’ve got that too. Customers rave with complete satisfaction about the durability and style of their new custom cushions. You no longer have to decide between a product that looks beautiful and one that lasts a long time – you can have both! Other stores might give you a headache trying to find the right size and specifications for your cushion, but you’re in good hands here. Choose the best replacement cushion for your outdoor sectional today and rest easy knowing your furniture will serve you well for a long time to come.

Outdoor furniture is a great compliment to your yard and can completely transform the exterior of your home. Outdoor furniture not only improves the style of your yard, it also provides support for enjoying time outside, especially if you have a pool or hot tub. When adding waterproof outdoor cushions to your seating and lounging areas near the pool, it increases the comfort levels of the outdoor furniture. To ensure you are buying the right waterproof outdoor cushions for your yard, consider the following things:

Shape and Size of the Cushion

When choosing waterproof outdoor cushions, it’s essential that they fit on the furniture you have. This means taking the shape and size of the cushion into consideration before purchase. You’ll need to take some time to measure your outdoor furniture to have the correct measurements. This will ensure the perfect fit for your furniture design and will avoid cushions that are too large or too small for your outdoor furniture. Consider the below when measuring your outdoor furniture:

● Width: For width of the furniture, measure how wide the furniture is. For example, in a chair, consider measuring from arm-to-arm to find the width.

● Length: For length of the furniture, measure how long the furniture is. For example, in a chair, consider measuring from the front of the seat to the back of the seat.

● Backrest: For the back of the furniture, measure how big the backrest of the furniture is. For example, in a chair, consider measuring from the bottom of the backrest, to the top of the backrest as well as the width of the backrest from arm-to-arm.

● Depth/height: For the depth of the furniture, measure how high you’d like the cushion to be. For example, in a chair, consider measuring from the bottom of the seat to your desired height.

Fabric of the Cushion

The fabric of the cushion is the exterior material that protects the filling of the cushion. There are multiple different types of materials to choose from that will protect your cushion from things like mold and mildew. It’s also important to ensure the fabric is waterproof in case of rain or if liquids spill on the cushion. Below are a few common types of fabrics for waterproof outdoor cushions:

● Sunbrella: Sunbrella fabric is a high quality material with high longevity and durability. Sunbrella material doesn’t fade, is completely waterproof, chlorine safe, and resistant to mold and mildew.

● Texteline: Textilene is a strong material that is waterproof and resistant to rips from normal wear and tear. However, they tend to get very hot when sitting in the sun and, overtime, their colors tend to fade.

● Olefin: Olefin is strong, high quality material. Olefin is fade resistant, chlorine safe, resistant to mold and mildew, and waterproof.

● Vinyl: Vinyl is strong, waterproof, and simple to clean. However, vinyl can get very hot when sitting in the sun for too long. To avoid vinyl material from getting too hot, it’s a good idea to cover it with an umbrella or put it in a shady area.

Filling of the Cushion

The filling of the cushion is an important aspect when choosing waterproof outdoor cushions. It’s essential to pick a filling that you find comfortable to ensure you will be relaxed when sitting or lounging. The most common filling in cushions is foam. When evaluating the foam, keep the below into consideration:

● Density: How dense do you want your foam? In other words, do you prefer your foam to be firm, or soft? Consider this when choosing a foam to ensure you pick one that suits your comfort level.

● Biocide: Biocide is an important treatment for outdoor cushions. Biocide reduces the growth of fungus in the foam.

Design of the Cushion

The design of the cushion, such as the color and pattern, will compliment your home’s exterior.
The colors and patterns you choose will have an influence on how the space is perceived, so it’s best to pick your design wisely. When considering the design of the cushion, keep in mind the following aspects of your home.

● Landscape: Do you have a large patch of grass? Or perhaps, you have a garden with various flowers and plants. If you have tiles, what color are they? Keep the color of your landscape into consideration, and choose colors that compliment the landscape.

● Your Home: What color is your house? Does your house have a certain style to it? Keep the design of your house into consideration, and choose colors that compliment your home.

● Others: Other items to consider are if your yard has a pool or a hot tub, a bonfire, umbrellas, or a gazebo. Finding colors that go well with these items will compliment the yard.

Caring for the Cushion

When cleaning and caring for your waterproof outdoor cushions, it’s best to review the manufacturers recommendations on how to properly clean your cushions. Manufacturers should provide a manual with cleaning instructions, or they will have instructions listed on their website. If for any reason you can’t find cleaning instructions, you should contact the customer service line and request cleaning instructions. Following the manufacturer’s advice is best to avoid any damage to your pillows.

Check if the cushion has a removable cover that can be machine washed and proceed to clean. If not, a good rule of thumb is to clean dirt and debris regularly by using a mixture of light soap and water. Gently scrub the material to avoid any damage. Ensure you allow ample time for the cushions to dry completely before using them again or storing them. If any water is left behind this could lead to mold or mildew. As mentioned above, always check with the manufacturer to avoid any damage. You never know what kind of chemicals will damage your cushions.

Final Thoughts

Outdoor furniture is a great compliment to your backyard. Picking the right waterproof outdoor cushion will enhance your lounging experience, especially by the pool or hot tub. When shopping for waterproof outdoor cushions, consider the above items before making a purchase.

Now is the perfect time to get outside and soak up some sun, but many people are asking themselves how to be prepared for the weather. If it’s sunny as can be one day and pouring rain the next, what can you do to make sure your outdoor furniture stays protected? Luckily, you’ve come to the right place! You need look no further than Sunbrella Rain fabric for all your weather protection needs. We’ll walk you through the benefits of this dynamic fabric and offer you a glimpse at some of the best products that use it.

What is Sunbrella Rain Fabric?

 When it comes to sturdy upholstery for outdoor furniture that’s built to last, it doesn’t get better than Sunbrella. They’ve made themselves a household name over the last 60 years due to the sheer quality of their products and services and offer a huge range of fabrics to cover just about any upholstery need you could have. Sunbrella isn’t stopping at protecting chairs, awnings, and the like from the prolonged exposure to the sun, either. The recently introduced Sunbrella Rain fabric was built from the ground-up to guard your property from weather damage in all but the most dramatic of climates.

Sunbrella Rain fabric is the best choice for anyone looking to protect an item from the rain, from lawn furniture to boating material. Any type of Sunbrella fabric will deliver advanced protection against all sorts of natural elements, but the Rain fabric in particular comes enhanced with high-quality UV protection and extra resistance from fading, mildew, and mold. What’s most remarkable about this new line of fabric, however, is that it is completely waterproof through and through. Sunbrella Rain fabric owners will never see their furniture receive a drop of rain as the fabric itself won’t allow it, instead opting to enlarge and push the water out onto the surface of the fabric before it ever gets the chance to touch the precious item underneath.

It’s not just that Sunbrella Rain fabric is durable – it’s also visually appealing. No matter what style your space is in, from rustic to refined, there’s a fabric color out there for you. You can go with a nice, solid orange, a zany stripe pattern, or anything your heart desires. These fabrics are easy to take care of and install, too. Cleaning one of these cushions simply consists of wiping away any dirt with a brush, applying a light soap solution, washing off the soap, and letting the cushion air dry. With so little work and so much reward, Sunbrella Rain fabric is an ideal choice.

A Guide to Sunbrella Rain Fabric Products

Now that you’ve gotten an overview of what Sunbrella Rain fabric is all about, let’s take a look at some of the finest products you can buy right now that use it. We recommend every one of these cushions for anyone that cares about the longevity of their furniture. Peek through these offerings and find what’s right for you!

Sunbrella Rain Fabric Seat Cushions. A ubiquitous classic that meets the needs of nearly any chair you can find, this seat cushion is a great way to dip your toes into the Sunbrella Rain Fabric product line. Not only will this cushion keep your favorite chairs safe and secure, it can also spruce up the look of your patio, living room, or any other space with all the different styles and colors at your disposal. The cushion also comes in all sorts of shapes so that it can fit nearly any chair, with cushion shapes including rounded corners, squared corners, rectangular, circular, and two types of triangles!

Throw Pillows. Who doesn’t love a good throw pillow to liven up a couch or other piece of furniture? Now you can add a pop of whatever color you like to your equipment without sacrificing quality or safety. These pillows are made up of Sunbrella Rain fabric from head-to-toe to ensure top-of-the-line protection from weather damage, UV rays, and practically anything else that nature can throw at them.

Chaise Cushions. For those looking to relax in style with the peace of mind that their chaise lounge will be completely protected if a storm suddenly hits, this Sunbrella Rain Fabric chaise cushion is the perfect choice. The wide variety of colors to pick from means that your chaise cushion will certainly match the rest of your outdoor aesthetic, and you can even decide between squared or rounded corners for the back and seat cushions.

Boat Upholstery. Boat owners and boat lovers will want to pay special attention to this section. One of the absolute best uses can make of Sunbrella Rain fabric is by reupholstering your boat with it! You’ll spend less on upholstery here than you would at any of your local shops, and receive unparalleled safety capabilities to boot. Some customers choose to stop at matching their boat’s interior aesthetic with colorful replacement seat cushions, but there’s a lot more available here for those interested. You can purchase a fancy new bow cushion, or even reupholster the entirety of your boat’s interior. We’ve had many boaters walk away delighted with their boat’s new look, and you can enjoy the same treatment.

Porch Swing Cushions. A staple of the modern patio beloved by many homeowners is a nice, comfy porch swing to kick back on. Such a cozy product that’s meant to help you relax shouldn’t add any stress to your life, right? Install a sturdy Sunbrella Rain fabric porch swing cushion, and you won’t have to worry about an accident happening to your wonderful porch swing again. These cushions are completely customizable to your particular swing and your personal preferences, offering a choice between regular, premium, and ultimate comfort, as well as a choice of tie location and fabric design. Whatever you decide, your porch swing cushion is guaranteed to become an elegant piece of your patio setup.

These are just a few of the many excellent products you can purchase with Sunbrella Rain fabric. Try one out and see how you like it – you’re likely to find yourself coming back for more.

If there is something that every glamper can agree on, it’s that having comfortable RV cushions is a must. Between the need for an ergonomic cushion for the driver that keeps them awake at night, to the bench cushions for the family table in the back, a customized RV cushion will help make memories that last for years to come.

Ensuring that your vacation runs smooth and comfortably before hitting the road is the best way to take care of you and your family. Your RV cushions can literally be the difference between a successful trip and the worst vacation ever. Investing in the right camper cushions can be the difference.

Value of Going on Vacation

Vacations have always been the best way to relax, rejuvenate, build relationships, and learn about the world around us. Here are just a few reasons why hopping in the RV with your new custom RV cushions can be valuable.

Building Memories: One of the greatest downfalls to a vacation is that you eventually have to go home. While for some, returning to your shower and bed is one of the best parts about vacation, for others, it’s the memory of watching soda spray out of their nose from laughing too hard.

The hours of playing cards while seated at the RV dining room table and the time foraging through the wilderness pretending you know something about wildlife is something you will never forget.

Understanding Ourselves: Studies have shown that travel and vacation will give you a chance to dive deeper into yourself to find out who you are as a person. While this may not be exceptionally true when it comes to a fancy hotel vacation that includes days filled with amusement park hopping, getting out into cities and nature does something to a person.

Escaping the world gives us a chance to dive deep into ourselves while parking the RV in a place filled with new people and sights can show us how we fit with others in the world. Hopping in the RV and taking that long trip, aided by your new custom RV cushions will bring you closer to the world around you.

Understanding Culture: Something happens when you travel that isn’t always talked about. Sure, you build memories and learn experience new things, but learning about the different cultures that exist nearby can change your perspective.

People just miles away have lived a vastly different life than you. They woke up to different smells, sounds, and tastes than what you are familiar with. They sang different songs, rode different buses, and were taught by different teachers. You don’t have to leave the country to experience a world outside your own.

Strengthening Bonds: Family and friends are among the most important things that we have in life. Without relationships and strong bonds with those that we love, finding purpose in life can be extremely difficult. Having a comfortable place to sit and tell jokes and share wisdom is priceless.

Long trips, especially ones where you hit a few snags, teach families problem solving skills and ways to adapt in uncomfortable situations. Young couples are able to learn how the other responds to adverse situations. Children are taught lessons on how to deal with stress. Friends are able to make fun of each other for their lack of ingenuity and problem-solving skills. These opportunities to build strengthen bons cannot be bought and must be experienced. Piling in the RV for a long trip is an easy way to make that happen.

Importance of Comfort on a Road Trip

Something that is often neglected when you’re a newbie traveler is the need for absolute comfort while traveling. The stock RV cushions may not be up to snuff, and you can quickly lose some of the value of your vacations. We want to avoid these issues when it comes to the comfort required for your vacation:

Aches and Pains: If you have ever spent any amount of time in a car or moving vehicle, you know that the movement and required seated position can be problematic. It doesn’t take long before you are squirming around to find a more comfortable position.Even with some of the most top of the line stock seat cushions, your RV could still lack some of needed ergonomic and comfort requirements to make your long trip pleasant. Having the right Sunbrella RV cushions for your family needs will prevent the aches and pains that accompany lots of sitting and in one place. Your family and your back will thank you for taking the right steps in advance.

Irritability: If you are like most people, sitting for long periods of time itself can cause frustration and irritability. Couple that with being stuffed in a rattling box in one position for hours and you are done. Stock RV cushions can be nice, but the built-in seats often lack the ability to provide comfort for the duration of your trip.Customized RV cushions will prevent irritability by allowing you to enjoy a seat that is tailored to your needs. Don’t let discomfort on the road prevent your family from enjoying each other on your vacation.

Long Term Complications: Driving in a car for long periods of time have been linked to long term complications. From issues with the sciatic nerve, to back pain that just won’t quit, uncomfortable or quickly deteriorating seats can leave you in pain for years.Preparation is a must. Avoid long-term complications by getting customized RV cushions and RV cushion replacements long before the trip. This will ensure that you are able to enjoy your RV family vacation next year, and the year after that.

Why Cushions Custom

When you buy an RV, you are likely thinking that your cushions are new, and they should be sufficient. The fact is, you’re right. They SHOULD be. That isn’t always the case. Mass produced luxury vehicles will often cut corners and not deliver where you need it most: Comfort.

That is why Cushions Custom is necessary for your next vacation. Being over-prepared when it comes to comfort can never be a bad thing. Custom Cushions are:

Environmentally Friendly

Cushions Custom is dedicated to working for you and the world around you. Not only are your customized RV cushions comfortable and durable, but they are also designed a created with our world’s future in mind. From the materials used and the process in which they are made, Cushions Custom takes great care in ensuring that you are comfortable where you are seated, but also resting easy with the carbon footprint that you are leaving behind.


Every cushion is customizable. From the shape, color, material, thickness and more, you can ensure that you are getting camper cushions that will your needs. You need something more than the cookie cutter RV cushions that came with your rig. They may have that new camper smell, but they will quickly tucker out, leaving you wanting something more.

Here For You

Cushions Custom has you in mind every step of the way. The comfort, durability, style, size, and longevity of your customized RV cushion is the number one priority. Taking advantage of the easy camper cushion designer can ensure that you are getting exactly what you need for your RV before you need it. It is easy and designed for you.

Price Matching

Not only are the cushions themselves customizable, so is the price. To an extent… If you find yourself on a competitors website using their cushion customization tools and it is comparable to the one Cushions Custom uses, they will match their price. Your comfort comes first, and if there’s a way to prove to you that Sunbrella RV cushions is right for you, Cushions Custom will try.

Warranties and Returnability

Due to the customized nature of Cushions Custom’s products, all sales are final. Every detail put into your cushion is catered to your individual needs based on parameters that you input. This customizability gives you what you need for your RV and ensures that you have something that fits your specific vehicle and comfort requirements.

While the cushions cannot be returned or refunded, you do get the comfort of knowing that your customized RV cushions are warrantied. Sunbrella Textiles provides a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty they will give you the peace of mind that your investment will last for more than just one vacation like the stock cushions will. Comfort doesn’t only come from the cushions, but from the knowledge that you are taken care of.

Plan your Next Vacation

With customized RV cushions, you are ready to experience the world with your friends and family on your next vacation. Don’t let the fear of being uncomfortable in your RV prevent you from making those memories and building relationships. Learn about yourself and the world while remaining comfortable the entire time.

Get out there and make memories that you will never forget. You wont regret it.

Choosing the right dog bed is an important decision that requires a good amount of thinking before making the purchase. Dogs can easily sleep over 12 hours a day so ensuring you pick a bed that is suitable for them is essential. Otherwise, your dog may end up sleeping on the couch or on your bed instead of the pet bed you bought. While some pet owners are okay with their dog sleeping on the couch or bed, ensuring your pet has a special place to claim their own will only make them happier. With so many options out in the marketplace, below are 9 things to consider when buying a dog bed:

Shape of the Bed

When looking for dog beds, it’s important to consider the shape of the bed. Each dog has their own preference of sleeping positions so observe your pet next time they sleep and take note on how they are positioned when sleeping. For example, your dog may curl when they sleep. In these instances consider a round bed shape to support their sleeping position. If your dog prefers to sprawl out when they sleep, consider a rectangular bed shape to allow the freedom for them to stretch out as much as they can.

Size of the Bed

The size of the bed is an important aspect to consider when exploring pet beds. The goal should be to get a bed that’s big enough for your pet and to avoid getting a bed that’s too small. To determine the ideal bed size for your dog, consider measuring your pet from head to tail. Once you have those measurements, find a bed that can hold those measurements and consider adding extra space for your pet. The extra space will allow your pet to lie down in a natural position.

Support of the Bed

The support of the pet bed focuses on the filling inside of the bed. Common fills include poly fiberfill, polyfill, or foam. Depending on your dog’s needs will determine what kind of fill is the best fit. For example, if you have a puppy that doesn’t require too much support, any of the poly fiberfill, polyfill, or foam fills will do just fine. However, if you have an older dog that requires more support, consider an orthopedic foam that provides extra support. A high-density orthopedic foam provides superior support by soothing aches and pains and reducing stress on joints and pressure points.

Structure of the Bed

Similar to the support of the bed, the structure of the bed will also complement any support your dog receives. For example, if your dog prefers to be off the ground to better survey their environment, consider a raised dog bed. Raised dog beds also keep pets off cold floors if they are sleeping in an area that is usually cold.

Cover of the Bed

For dogs that prefer to sleep in enclosed spots or with a blanket, a covered dog bed is perfect. Some covered pet beds offer a flimsy cover that serves as a blanket for your dog. Other covered pet beds also offer sturdier covers that turns the bed into a tent or a cave for your dog. For dogs with shorter or thinner hair, these beds can provide extra warmth. Covers are of course optional and not required, however they can be a nice feature for those dogs that prefer to sleep in enclosed areas or with a blanket.

Design of the Bed

The design of the bed is purely subjective and is ultimately up to the dog owners to decide the best bed design. Since dog beds are visible furniture within your home, the design of the pet bed should reflect your own sense of style as well as your dogs. When searching for a design, consider the design of your home and find a bed that best suits the style. You may also want to consider reputable designers such as a Sunbrella Dog Bed.

Materials of the Bed

The materials of the dog bed will determine its durability. You’ll want to make sure you pick high quality materials that are suitable for the environment. For example, if you have a puppy that’s teething, it’s likely your dog will begin chewing on the bed. Or if you plan on purchasing an outdoor dog bed, ensuring the materials will last in an outdoor environment is essential. Sunbrella outdoor dog beds are great options for these cases. If the bed isn’t made of durable materials, it’s likely at risk of being damaged and you’ll have to begin your search for another dog bed again. Additionally, ensuring the materials are non-toxic is crucial, especially if your dog has sensitive skin or allergies.

Cleaning the Bed

Every dog bed will eventually get dirty, wet, or smelly. Ensuring you pick a bed that is easy to clean will make the cleaning process simple. When shopping for dog beds ensure that you pick one that is machine washable, or one that has a removable cover that is machine washable. This will allow you to throw it in a laundry machine for a quick and easy wash whenever it begins to get dirty or smelly.

Other things to think about

There are more add ons you can include when purchasing a dog bed. Some dog beds include built-in heaters for dogs that live in cold environments and require extra heat when sleeping. If you decide to purchase a heated dog bed, ensure that any cords it comes with are chew-resistant in case your dog decides to chew it. On the contrary, there are dog beds that offer cooling gels that allow dogs to keep cool if living in warmer environments.

Final Thoughts

Providing a dog bed that satisfies your pets needs is part of being a good dog parent. With so many options available in the market today, it can be overwhelming deciding which bed to pick for your dog. To ensure you pick a bed that is suitable for your pet, consider the above 9 things before making a purchase.

Finding the right outdoor replacement cushions can be difficult without the right information. Your outdoor space is used often, exposed to the elements, and cherished amongst family gatherings and get togethers. It’s a place in your home that embodies comfort, long summertime relaxation, and many memorable conversations. For these reasons, it’s key to find cushions that not only fulfill all of your comfort needs, but also stand the test of time during the many remarkable years to come.

The best outdoor replacement cushions are durable enough to withstand any weather obstacles, and stylish enough to seamlessly fit into the aesthetic of your home. As you will come to see, when shopping for the ultimate replacement cushions, there is one brand that stands above the rest.

Finding the right replacement cushions for outdoor furniture doesn’t have to be difficult. You just need the right information, and the right places to look. There is a lot to go over when it comes to finding the best cushions. Let’s dive right in.

Quality that Stands the Test of Time

Depending on where you live, your outdoor living space is guaranteed to be impacted by the weather by at least some degree. You may be in a place that get’s unpredictable heavy rainfall, but keep in mind there is more to worry about than precipitation when it comes to outdoor cushions. The sun can often times be just as damaging to your outdoor cushions as anything else.

Key Qualities to Consider:

UV Resistant: As mentioned before, the sun can have a really harsh effect on any product left exposed for too long. Without UV protection, your replacement cushions color and design will wear and fade quickly, no longer matching that intended look that you had originally picked out. Not only that, but the sun’s damaging UV rays can weaken the fabrics of your cushions, eventually causing them to warp, fray, and even break.

Water Resistant: You were probably already aware, but the moisture in the air can be extremely damaging to cushions that aren’t protected with a water-resistant quality. They can accumulate mold and mildew when the water seeps into the fabric and filling underneath, leaving you with a cushion that is essentially no longer fit for use.

Durable Fabric: In an ideal world, your outdoor cushions will be used every day. At the very least, they will see constant use during the late spring, summer, and early fall months. You’ll want to make sure your replacement cushions are built to handle the wear and tear you’ll be putting them through.

Throughout the last several years, one brand has stood above the rest when it comes to providing the kind of quality you need in outdoor replacement cushions. Sunbrella will offer all the qualities mentioned above and more. You really can’t go wrong with Sunbrella replacement cushions. Their quality and style (as we will go over) is truly unmatched by anybody else in the industry.

Quality matters when it comes to outdoor cushions. This is a product you probably plan to use for years, after all. For this reason, it’s also key to mention the importance of customizing your cushions. When you choose to customize your cushions, you can identify the important weather factors, and ensure that your cushions are built to counteract them. Depending on the desired functionality of your cushions, you may want to customize the filling and fabric of your cushions too.

As we will highlight at the end of the article, the best place to customize your outdoor replacement cushions is Cushions Custom. They work directly with Sunbrella for every order and have one of the most reputable customer satisfaction ratings across the marketplace.

Building a Style of Your Own

Style is something that is particular to each individual and to each home. One of the toughest things about purchasing outdoor cushions off the rack is that you lose the ability to customize them to your specific style. Your outdoor replacement cushions are yours to design as you will. With a customizable cushions provider, you’ll have the ability to match the already established style in your home, or choose something new.

Important Style Factors:

Shape: It may seem obvious, but you’ll want your replacement cushions to match the shape of the outdoor furniture you already have. This is something that’s tough to do when purchasing from a selection at a store. With customizable cushions, you are able to match the exact dimensions of your furniture, ensuring you get that perfect fit that will give your outdoor living space the flawless look it deserves.

Color and Design: The color of your cushion selection is what is going to allow you to match or accent the style of your home. This is another factor that may offer you limited choice when shopping off the shelf, but customizing your cushions means choosing the exact shade of color you want. In addition to that, you have the choice to outfit your cushions with any specific design or pattern you would like.

Fabric: Another downside to picking cushions off the shelf is that you are usually stuck with whatever universal fabric the store is offering. However, with the right custom cushions company, you’ll have the ability to mix and match fabrics and fillings, ensuring you get the exact comfort you had in mind.

All in all, when you choose to customize your cushions, there is no limit to the amount of comfort and style you can add to your outdoor living space. It’s the best way for you to guarantee you get exactly whatever it is you are looking for.

The Best Outdoor Replacement Cushions

As we mentioned before, there is one cushion provider who stands above the rest, and that is Cushions Custom. Their dedication to quality and customer service will leave you fully satisfied with every purchased. To fully ensure your satisfaction, they even match the 5-year guaranteed quality warranty provided by Sunbrella. To change your outdoor living space forever, visit Cushions Custom to get a personalized quote today.

The outdoor furniture you have decorating your deck or patio will either make or break your outdoor experience. Comfortable couches and chairs with a cozy fireplace is a setup guaranteed to leave you and your family with some incredible memories. At the same time, mediocre and cheap furniture will quickly breakdown, resulting in a wasted outdoor living space and some missed experiences. Once you’ve got your furniture in place, it’s best to pair each piece with customized cushions, ensuring you are doing everything you can to help your outdoor living area reach its fullest potential.

To find the best outdoor bench cushions you’ll want to make sure you prioritize durability and style. You’ll also come to see that it’s extremely advantageous to customize your outdoor cushions, as it will help to guarantee you get the perfect cushions for your specific furniture.

There is a lot to go over when it comes to finding the best custom cushions, but we’ve narrowed down the most important aspects of outdoor cushion buying, to make your purchasing process as smooth as possible. Let’s dive in and see just what custom outdoor bench cushions have to offer.

Long Lasting Durability

The problem with storing anything outdoors for an extended period of time is the beating it takes from the weather. The sun and rain can do a number on your outdoor cushions, so it’s key to make sure your cushions are made with a fabric that can withstand the environmental factors guarding your home.

Here are the top qualities you’ll want to consider:

Water Resistant: If you’ve previously purchased outdoor cushions off the shelf, you might be familiar with how easy they can become soaked with water, even from something as mild as morning dew. The last thing you want is mold or mildew in your bench cushions, which makes the water-resistant quality of your cushion choice all the more important.

UV Resistant: Depending on where you live, this quality may be just as important, or even more than water resistance. If your outdoor living space get’s a lot of sun, it’s imperative that you get a UV resistant cushion. This will stop any fading of your cushions color and help the fibers in the cushion fabric from breaking down so easily.

Stretchy/Flexible Fabric: Your outdoor bench cushions are going to get a lot of use, especially in the summertime. For this reason, you’ll likely benefit from a fabric that is durable and stretchy, as it can take the wear you and your guests put on it during those summer months.

When it comes to durable cushions, there is one brand that stands above the rest, and that’s Sunbrella. The quality of Sunbrella bench cushions is unbeatable. All of their cushions are outfitted with a specially designed compound that protects the outdoor fabric and inner filling from the effects of even the harshest elements. This means you can be sure your cushions will hold up throughout multiple seasons, rain or shine. They also come manufactured with a uniquely durable Tenara sewing thread that’s weaved into every fabric, ensuring the lasting quality of the cushions through regular use and prolonged periods of time.

For a long time now, Sunbrella cushions have been the go-to option for consumers around the world. The company is so confident in your satisfaction with their product that they offer a guaranteed 5-year quality warranty with every purchase.

Fully Personalized Style

During the warmer times of the year, most people wind up using their outdoor furniture just as much as their indoor furniture. Your outdoor living space is something you’ll be spending a lot of time in, so you want it to be as best suited to your style as possible. It’s a place you host guests and have family gatherings; a place that all your friends and family will enjoy. Customizing your outdoor cushions is even easier than it sounds, and it will give you the chance to add all those accents to your home that you’ve been wanting to add for years.

There are a few important things to consider when it comes to style:

Fabric and Filling: When you buy cushions off the rack, you forgo the option of choosing from a variety of fabrics, as everything in the department store is usually the same. However, with customizable Sunbrella cushions, you can choose a fabric as coarse or soft as you like, while keeping all the great Sunbrella durability factors. Same is true for your filling. With your customizable bench cushions, you get to choose whether you want something softer and cozier, or a little firmer for some more support.

Design and Color: As far as the specific aesthetic style you are going for is concerned, the sky is the limit. When you choose to purchase customizable cushions, you give yourself the option to mix and match any number of different colors, pattens, and designs.

The ball is always in your court with customizable cushions. You never have to settle for something that might kind of match your outdoor furniture or desired style. Now, you can ensure your exact personal style is matched!

The Next Step

Now that you know the key qualities in purchasing custom bench cushions, you’re probably wondering where the best place to get them is. Without a doubt, the best overall outdoor custom cushion provider is Cushions Custom. They work hand-in-hand with Sunbrella, offering all their most important features and warranties, while matching their quality and care of work every step of the way. They are company that has the customer return and customer satisfaction to prove it – you won’t be disappointed with Cushions Custom.

Finding the right style bench cushions can seem difficult first, but once you’ve identified the two or three most important qualities, and a couple of standout companies to partner with, you can’t go wrong. Don’t wait any longer to transform your outdoor living space. Give yourself the comfort and style you deserve with some quality outdoor Sunbrella bench cushions with Cushions Custom.

It’s not always easy shopping for cushion covers, especially outdoor cushion covers. You want to make sure they are able to withstand any harsh elements the weather may provide, but at the same time give enough comfort to suit summertime lounging. It’s best to find something both durable and stylish, washable, and weatherproof. If you’ve been struggling to find the cushion cover you’ve been looking for at the store, don’t worry. In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know to find the exact cushion covers you have in mind.

Your outdoor cushions should be built to last, fully customized to your specific needs and style.

The process of finding the exact cushion covers you want can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. There are a number of reasons why custom outdoor cushion covers are the way to go, all of which will be covered here.

Weatherproof Materials

As you’ll see throughout the article, there is one kind of cushion cover that stand far above the rest, and those are custom Sunbrella covers. Sunbrella is a brand renowned for its quality and comprehensive applicability. When you choose Sunbrella cushion covers, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Sunbrella offers resistance to the harshest elements the weather can throw at you, both in sun and rain. Their specially designed fabric is enhanced with a compound that makes the cushion fully resistant to all weather factors.

UV rays can cause problems with many off-the-shelf cushions, but Sunbrella’s special design makes them completely resistant to UV rays. Normally, your cushion cover may fade or wear quickly due to the damage from prolonged sun exposure, but Sunbrella cushion replacement covers hold both their strength and color, even under the harshest sunlight.

You may also be concerned with your cushion cover’s ability to withstand moisture, and you have a right to be. Most cushions will succumb to even the smallest amount of moisture, let alone the buckets of rain that can come with summer’s afternoon showers. However, the compound weaved into the threads in Sunbrella fabrics make their covers completely adverse to the heaviest rain. Instead of absorbing rain, your covers will shed the moisture, leaving your cushion’s critical structure intact. You’ll no longer have to worry about the mold or mildew accumulation that can come with traditional, cheap cushion covers.

Easily Washable Covers

In the end, your cushions may still receive the occasional spill or stain, and depending on how long you have them outside, they may also accumulate small amounts of dirt and grim between the seams. You won’t have to replace Sunbrella cushion covers every time they become dirty, but you will have the ability to wash them. They were built as to be easily taken off and on, so you can slip them off to wash them anytime you see fit.

Customizable Styles, Fabrics, Shapes, and Designs

Your outdoor living space is a place cherished by friends and family. It’s used often for long friendly conversations and prolonged periods of relaxation – and rightfully so! It’s really tough to fulfill the look and function of your outdoor space with cushions and cushion covers from the store. Often times, you have to mix and match pieces and fabrics that don’t match the style you had in mind. For this reason, customizing your cushions can be incredibly advantageous.

Your outdoor living space is a multi-faceted one. You may have bar stools, tables, chairs, benches, and even day beds. This means you’ll have a variety of cushion styles and cushion covers. When you choose to customize your cushion covers, you can find different fabrics to fulfill every need, whether it is for bench seating or cozy throw pillows.

Shapes: You’re no longer forced to choose whatever the department store had on their shelves. Now you can choose from a number of different cushion shapes to spice up the feel of your outdoor space.

Sizing: With customized sizing, you won’t have to worry whether your cushion covers are going to be too large or too small for the cushions on your furniture. Now you can ensure your custom Sunbrella covers are measured to fit the exact dimensions you need.

Fabric: This is where you really have the chance to add some comfort to each piece of furniture you have. Choose the specific softness, or coarseness you desire for your cushions and relish in the relaxing comfort they provide.

Design: You won’t be forced to choose from a certain set of bland, neutral colors. Now you can accent your home with bold colors, or keep it cool and lowkey – it’s all up to you. Choose from a selection of designs and patterns to spice up your living space even more.

In the past, you may have had to settle for whatever was available on the shelf, but now you can choose the specific styles and designs that speak to you. You really do have the chance to make the home your own, even in the smallest ways. The sky is the limit with custom cushion covers. You won’t be limited to any one design, shape, or fabric.

A Clear Solution

At first, finding the right custom cushion covers can seem like a complicated process, but with the right company, that isn’t the case. A leader in the space of customizable covers has emerged, and that’s Cushions Custom. They have simplified the process of creating your own cushion covers, boiling it down to a few easily navigable steps.

With Cushions Custom, you won’t have to worry about quality or care concerns. The company has highly rated customer satisfaction and even ensures the standout 5-year quality warranty that Sunbrella provides. You can be sure your cushion covers will stand the test of time, resist harsh sun and rain, while providing you and your family with more comfort than ever before. There has never been a better time to get customized cushion covers. Feel free to reach out to Cushions Custom to forever enhance your outdoor cushions!

There are a number of things you’ll want to consider while shopping for outdoor cushions. Durability, weather resistance, comfort, and customizable style are all aspects that set Sunbrella cushions apart from the rest of the industry. If you, like many find yourself using your outdoor living space to relax in the warmer months of the year, than you’ll want to prioritize getting a cushion that not only matches your style, but also lasts through the seasons.

Sunbrella replacement cushions have long been known as the standard-setting cushion in the outdoor furniture market. Their long-lasting quality and incredible comfort have made them the go-to choice for all things outdoor living.

If you’ve been looking for a cushion that lasts, you can’t go wrong with Sunbrella. The quality of materials they use and care in design they have for all customers make for 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Let’s dive in and see all that custom Sunbrella cushions have to offer.

Aesthetic Style and Lasting Appeal

While it is important to have outdoor cushions that last through the year’s rain, snow, and sun exposure, it’s also key to choose something that will improve the overall appearance of your living space. Sunbrella cushions are extremely customizable. You can personalize their shape, material, design, and color to match your home’s current style or spice it up with some new designs.

You’ll no longer have to deal with the select sizes you get off the shelf. With Sunbrella, you can customize the dimensions of your cushions to specifically fit your own personal furniture. The hassle of dealing with universal sizing is gone, now you can guarantee comfort and correct fit with every cushion.

In addition, with Sunbrella you have the choice of filling and fabrics to suit each specific piece of outdoor or indoor furniture. There is also no need to worry about how long the cushion will last, as all Sunbrella cushions come with a guaranteed 5-year quality warranty.

Industry Setting Durability

If the 5-year warranty isn’t enough, you should know that most Sunbrella replacement cushions have a lifespan of over a decade, ensuring that you get more than your money’s worth. Sunbrella cushions last 2 to 3 times as long as their competitors. This is in large part due to the incredibly innovative Tenara sewing thread that is used to construct their long-lasting fabric. You can feel reassured that indoor or outdoor, rain or shine, these cushions will stand the test of time. The resiliency in materials is something that sets their brand apart, and when you choose to purchase custom Sunbrella cushions, you can guarantee the composition in materials will be best suited to your climate, and desired functionality.

Cushions that Don’t Succumb to UV Rays

Not only do these cushions last through continuous use and wear, but they are also resistant to the elements. If you are looking for outdoor cushions, one of the most important qualities to consider is UV resistance. The biggest problem consumers face when purchasing outdoor cushions off the shelf is how quickly they wear down under sun exposure. The fibers in many cushions will wear down under constant sun exposure, eventually fraying or tearing completely. However, the fibers in Sunbrella cushions are coated in a UV-proof compound that holds in durability and flexibility, ensuring your cushions will last under any amount of sunlight.

Another common problem with many outdoor cushions is how quickly their color and design will fade. This is something also caused by direct exposure to sunlight. The conventional dying, that many of the off-the-shelf brand’s use only dyes the surface of the fibers. However, Sunbrella fibers are soaked directly in the dye, making them more resistant to ultraviolent light than any of their competitors.

With Sunbrella custom cushions, you are buying a cushion that lasts, both in durability and in color.

No More Mold or Mildew

Because of the same quality that makes them UV-resistant, Sunbrella cushions are also resistant to mold, mildew, and other effects of the elements. If you live in a climate that’s humid, wet, or rainy, this is a cushion quality you probably can’t afford to live without. Many cushions will accumulate moisture, making them smelly and leading to their materials decomposing. Sunbrella’s special coating doesn’t let moisture into the fabric and filling of the cushion. Instead, it sheds any moisture from occurrences of heavy rain, or even regular morning dew.

The last thing you want to do every time it rains is run outside and collect your cushions so they don’t get rained on. Sunbrella has solved the moisture problem, giving you the comfort of knowing your cushions will hold up every time the harsh elements pay you a visit.

Easy to Clean

Many of Sunbrella’s competitors cushions are hard to clean because running them through the washing machine can lead to dye bleeding, or even cover shrinking. The fiber construction in custom Sunbrella cushions makes it easy to get rid of any stains with a quick wash. You can simply remove their slip-off cover and wash them in the washing machine. For harsh stains, you can even clean with a bleach solution and not worry about damaging any of the color in your cushion. The materials and fibers used in Sunbrella cushions make for the easiest cleaning of any cushion on the market.

An Ideal Solution

If you’ve been looking for indoor or outdoor cushions, but haven’t been able to find any that last, Sunbrella is definitely for you. The same is true for anyone with a desire to fully customize their cushions. Working with a professionally reputable provider like Cushions Custom will leave you with more comfort and aesthetic appeal than you’ve ever had before. After creating your own custom cushions, you’ll never go back to the off-the-shelf brands again. Sunbrella’s quality and comfort make for an unbeatable product, one that you will be thankful for during the years to come. Don’t wait any longer, check out the personalized cushion experience that Sunbrella and Cushions Custom have to offer today!