– How To Measure for Custom-Cut Cushions –

New, personalised cushions have never been easier to order. Custom-made cushions may be cut, packaged, and delivered straight to your home with only a few simple measurements!

Step 1 – Take the old foam cushion out of its cover. This is the most critical step in measuring since you will be measuring the cover of the cushion, not the previous insert. Over time, foam loses its resiliency, effectively “shrinking.” As foam cells wear out, they lose their capacity to rebound to their former size. Measuring the cover ensures that your new foam insert will fit tightly and comfortably into the cushion.

Step 2 – On a piece of paper, draw the shape of your cushion.
Instead of making a list of measurements, assign each one to the appropriate cushion part. This prevents you from mistakenly swapping values while entering them online. This is especially critical for non-rectangular cushions with a wide range of measurement values.

Step 3 – Place the empty cover on a level surface and measure each span of the cushion seam-to-seam, including cushion thickness/height. You’ll take three measurements on square or rectangular pillows. L and T-cushions will require extra measurements, as illustrated in (Again, when measuring, be sure the cover is empty.)

Step 4 – Add 1/2” to all dimensions, including the thickness of the cushion. Using the newly increased thickness, if your cover’s thickness exceeds a whole inch by less than 1/2”, round down to the nearest whole inch. If your cover’s thickness exceeds a whole in by 1/2” or more, round up to the nearest whole inch.

Example – A measured thickness of 4-3/4” would be increased to 5 -1/4”, then rounded down to 5”. A measured value of 5-1/4” would be increased to 5-3/4”, then rounded up for a value of 6” thickness. This extra thickness is important in ensuring a tight, plush fit for your covers, and is added regardless of Dacron options.


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If you’re ordering throw pillows, keep the following in mind:

A) Pillows are measured diagonally, not squarely.
B) Place the pillow on its side, upright.
C) Grab one of the corners and pull as hard as you can to the opposite corner.
D) After that, take a measurement from corner to corner.
E) This measurement will not be as exact as you may expect due to the fullness and curvature of your pillow; please round up to the next whole number.
F) Because pillows lose their shape and fullness with time, this is the case.
G) Standard throw pillow sizes are 16 X 16, 18 X 18, 20 X 20, and so on.
H) As a result, all measurements should be rounded to the closest whole number. When filled, throw pillows will be around 5-10% smaller than the measurements you chose. You might wish to get a 20 X 20 throw cushion if you want an 18 X 18 throw pillow. Please increase the size of your measurements by 5-10%.

Beautiful Shot Modern Metal Chair Isolated White E1660165856764Furniture in Odd Shapes

A) Many types of furniture are just impossible to measure using simple or standard methods. If your furniture has unusual curves or angles that are difficult to measure, you will need to provide us a design. You may make the patterns out of any piece of paper that is large enough to hold a pattern piece, such as newspaper or wrapping paper.

B) Please also include an image of the original cushion or piece of furniture. Curved backs and cuts on corners are subject to an extra fee.

Details about the optional cushion

Most cushions include extra elements that give them a nice finish and make them easier to use. Cushion coverings with zippers, for example, are simple to remove, wash, dry, and reinstall on the cushion. We also provide Velcro ties, buttons, matching fabric ties, single or double cording (piping), and welting in addition to zippers.

Striped Fabric: A Special Note

If you prefer striped cloth, please mention which way you want the stripes to run. Additional seams at the end of some long bench cushions with vertical stripes may be required.

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A) For us to correctly perform your cushion job, precise measurements are required.
B) Make sure the cushions you are using for measurements are the originals that came with your furniture set.
C) Measurements are taken from seam to seam on existing cushions.
D) The majority of furniture cushions come in a variety of sizes.
E) When you purchase finished pillows from us, we will use the details you give us to create a personalised set of cushions. As a result, we are unable to accept refunds for this unique service, so please be as detailed as possible and carefully follow the directions below.