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After years of faithful service keeping you comfortable, your cushions will eventually wear out and need replacing. With a range of foam types, shapes, and sizes to choose from, you can rely on us to create a long-lasting, durable cushion replacement for your furniture. We can create cushions to fit your exacting requirements, regardless of shape and size.

Our custom cushions are tailored to meet your individual needs and style. All it takes is for you to enter a few simple measurements (we show you how), and you can easily design any type of replacement cushions for your home or office, including an outdoor cushion cover to go with your outdoor wicker cushion, chaise lounge, window seat, bench seat, or whatever other unique requirements you need to create comfort and style.

On our site, you will find that the best quality fabrics, combined with high-quality foam, will ensure you are sitting pretty in every room of the house.

Custom Replacement Cushion Guide – How to Get the Perfect Cushion Every Time

The most accurate way to measure your replacement foam cushions is to use your existing covers as a guide while leaving the foam inside. Your old couch cushion foam inserts on their own may not give you reliable measurements after years of getting pushed out of shape, especially if they were made from lower-quality foam.

Use these simple steps to ensure you can enter accurate measurements into our online ordering system or get in touch with us if anything remains unclear.

First, measure the cover from seam to seam to get the most accurate measurement. Next, measure back-to-back and side to side. Ensure you stretch the cover tight so you know you will get a snug fit for your new chair cushions.

Now you need to measure the depth. A seam-to-seam measurement of the cover is recommended for this as well. Remember to pull the cover tight. Cushions that have piping should be measured from between the piping.

Don’t bother measuring across the center as many cushions are slightly domed, so your measurement will be inaccurate.

If you don’t have furniture cushions to measure, you will need to measure the internal seating area. Keep in mind that back cushions will be raised up off the base of the furniture, so make sure to deduct the height of your cushion from this figure.

Foam is flexible, so you don’t have to be super accurate for your measurements. A couple of millimeters here or there is not going to stop the cover from going on. However, going slightly bigger is the safer option.

Choose Your Custom Cushion Shape

Now that you have a pretty good idea of how to measure your custom cushion, you are ready to select the desired shape from our guide, which has a range of shapes to choose from, including T-shaped, rounded, trapezium, and more.

Don’t forget to note where the zipper should go and any other details we should know.

Types of Foam Cushion

Different foam types are used in foam cushions, ranging from high quality to cheap and nasty that won’t last very long. All types of foam will soften over time, but you will get a lot more wear out of higher quality foams, making them more economical over the long term. Naturally, we want you to always have the best seat in the house, so we only source from quality suppliers.

Another feature of foam is that thinner foam feels softer. The thicker your cushion gets, the firmer it will feel. The major plus side of thicker cushions is they also offer extra support.

Tips for Replacing Your Couch Cushions

Whether it’s a cushion for your indoor couch or custom outdoor seat cushions, you want to make sure your custom cushions are an excellent fit. Here are a few tips to use when purchasing furniture cushions online.

Triple Check Your Measurements

Getting your measurements right is critical, otherwise, you will be paying for cushions you probably can’t use. Sofa cushions rarely have standard measurements, which is why we provide an in-depth guide on how to measure accurately when you order custom cushions. Double check and triple check your measurements to avoid disappointment.

Get the Highest Quality You Can

You may think you are saving money when purchasing replacement cushions with lower-quality foam. However, they won’t last. You will always find that higher-quality cushions will last many times longer, making them a more economical purchase because you won’t have to replace them as often. Would you rather have a cushion you need to replace every year or one that costs a little more but will give you a solid three to five years of use?

Protect Your Custom Cushions

A few simple steps will get you more use of your customized cushions. Wrapping foam in a down envelope or batting before placing it inside the cover will provide an extra layer of protection. The cushion will also keep its full, stuffed look that will improve the overall appearance of your couch.

Choose a hard-wearing fabric for your outdoor replacement cushions to get more use out of them. An upholstery sealant will waterproof them, so they dry out faster in the wet, but you should wipe your cushions dry after rain to prevent mold.

Store your cushions out of the elements when not in use as the sun’s UV rays can take their toll on even the hardest wearing materials. A bench box that doubles as extra seating is great for keeping them protected and out of the way.

Order Custom Cushions Today

Fabrica Kraft LLC has been developing home furnishings and accessories for more than two decades and knows how to make high quality, long-lasting cushions that are as beautiful as they are comfortable.

We can create any type of cushion in any size and shape and for every purpose. We pride ourselves on creating affordable products without compromising on quality. Find out more on how we can help you with your custom cushions today.

Add a personal touch to the overall aesthetic!

As a homeowner, you’ll want to ensure that your home is comfortable and have a perfect interior design. You can use different ideas to make your home more welcoming and comfortable. The cushions are ideal for home decoration, which looks perfect on your couch and gives a magical touch to your bed.

 If a well-decorated home makes you happy, go ahead and buy new throw pillows from Custom Cushions. 

We are offering a variety of cushions, including outdoor wicker cushions and outdoor cushion covers, to meet the requirements of your home. We have over 20 years of expertise in this field, enabling us to produce textiles at the cheapest rates.


Importance of Cushions

Here are a few reasons to help you understand how cushions can add more colors to your home and take your home’s decor to the optimal level.

Cushions Custom allow you to get creative because they come in endless options. You can find cushions in different sizes, shapes, colors, textures, and designs. The choice of the cushion is important because it can have a significant effect on your room’s perspective and the ambiance of your home.


Comfort & Support

Sofa cushions can create extra support and comfort when studying, chilling, or watching a movie. You can experience pain and discomfort when sitting on a chair for a long time. It is something you need to avoid at any cost. But you can quickly get rid of this painful situation by getting some good-quality cushions.

Good-quality cushioning can provide you with extra comfort and help to eliminate pressure from your muscles and joints.


Increase Value

Cushions are small items, but they can add significant value to your homes. People often think about adding new accessories to their homes.

You can cover your cushions with beautifully designed cushion covers to give your home a more profound expression. You can buy the best quality custom cushions and outdoor cushion covers from cushion custom at affordable rates.

Cushions are the essential home décor accessory without which every home gives a feeling of “something is missing.”


Add Warmth 

Cushions are the most crucial factor in making your home more welcoming. You can offer a warm welcome to your guests by decorating your couch with beautiful cushions. Spread the cushions on your couch, and it will make your guests smile and feel comfy when they walk in.


Hide Worn Out Seats

Chairs and sofas are bound to wear out after a while, including holes, hanging threads, and popping. These things can reduce your home’s overall appearance and make it unwelcome. Buying a couch cushion can save you from replacing worn-out chairs and couches with new ones. A couch cushion can take away the attention of any visitor from worn-out chairs and sofas.

If you want to décor your home to create the kind of space you get comfortable with, we suggest you invest in cushions for the tremendous decorative power. The way you organize and decor your home describes a lot about your personality. Cushions in your home are equally significant, affecting your productivity, self-perception, and confidence.


Types of Cushions you can find at Cushion Custom

At Cushion Custom, you are provided with a wide variety of cushions.


Throw Pillows with Sunbrella Fabric

We offer beautifully designed throw pillows that you can place on any piece of suitable furniture. Throw pillows are usually used for visual pleasure, but it doesn’t mean they are all just for beauty, not brawn. Our stylish throw pillows bring several uses, which are;

Throw pillows are meant to bring styles to the party and allow you to welcome your guests with a colorful sham!

You can use our throw pillows to turn your bed into a pillow palace. You can use them as a supportive seat for a comfy couch. Our throw pillows allow you to fill out the negative space on your bed, couch, or armchairs.


Seat Cushions with Sunbrella Fabric

For encouraging proper posture, Cushion Custom offers good quality seat cushions. You can experience discomfort and stress while sitting on a chair for a long time. Seat cushions can promote blood flow to your legs which helps to relax joints and muscles.


Back Cushions with Sunbrella Fabric

If you’re looking for extra spine support, our squared shape back cushions are the perfect thing to go with. They can help you to improve posture while seated for a long time. At Cushion Custom, you can find back cushions in different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs.


Why Should You Buy Our Custom Cushions Online?

Free Shipping : Cushion Custom offers free shipping on all orders over $500.

Pay Over Time : We facilitate our customers with easy and affordable payment options. You can use India’s favorite payment options to pay for your desired orders.

Warranty : We are determined to provide our customers with 100% guaranteed satisfaction. If you find any default in quality or design, you can replace your cushions.

Durable Fabrics : We use Sunbrella fabrics to design all our textiles. Sunbrella fabric makes our cushions more durable, fade-resistant, and water-resistant.

24/7 Customer Support : Our highly professional customer support is available to you 24/7; you can call us for free to get more information about what kind of cushions we are offering.

Affordable Rates : We offer an affordable way to decorate your home and make it more welcoming. You can get your favorite designs of custom cushions and outdoor wicker cushions at affordable rates.

Cushions play an imperative role in making your house a home and more welcoming. If you want to flaunt your styles and wish to exude comfort in your space, investing in cushions is an excellent way to achieve these goals.


Get Your Desired Cushions Now

Cushions are a great way to brighten up deep seating indoor or outdoor furniture. Available with boxed edges, wrap your deep seat chair or chaise lounge in kaleidoscopic Sunbrella fabrics and add piping for a classy touch! Just pick your size and fabric and you’re done!

At Cushion Custom, we provide a wide variety of beautifully-designed cushions; drop us an email to know more about our products. 

If you’re in the market for some new patio furniture, you’re in luck! We’re breaking down some of the key steps to planning your ideal outdoor space. Outdoor furniture is a great way to make the most of your backyard or patio space. You can create a comfortable and functional outdoor living area by choosing the right pieces. Here are some things to look for when shopping for outdoor furniture.


Define your Needs

Start by deciding what you need from your outdoor space. Think about how you would like your outdoor space to function. Will you use it as a dining area, hosting events, or a peaceful reading nook? What activities will be going on? Will you host kids’ parties, play games, or tan by the pool? Use this to help guide you to find the best furniture for you.

Some items to consider:

• Comfortable seating
• Fire Pit
• Hammock
• Lounge Chairs
• Tables


Consider your Space

Your terrain and climate will impact what you can do with your space. If you live on a steep hill, you may not want to put your seating area at the bottom. If you’re in a cold climate, you might consider adding a fire pit to your list. If you have a lot of trees, you may want to think about hanging a hammock. No matter what your space looks like, there’s furniture to fit it.


What to use as your Base

Designing starts at the bottom. What do you want your outdoor space to be sitting on? Odds are you’re going to want to create a base for your furniture. This will help define your space and make it feel more pulled together. It will also help with drainage and level out any uneven ground.

Some popular options:

• Concrete Patio
• Natural Stone Patio
• Pavers
• Wooden Deck

When designing this space, the base often gets overlooked, but it has a significant impact on the overall look. Look at some designs in magazines or online and pay attention to your preferred bases.


Choose your Aesthetic

Outdoor areas are not only comfortable but can be a highlight of your home. Take some time to look at inspiration photos and settle on a design scheme that best fits your style. Choose something that will grow with you. You may decide to choose a more neutral chair and cushion, then spice it up with some accent pieces. Adding pillows, throws, and greenery can help make your outdoor space feel like home.

Some items to consider:

• Pillows
• Throw Blankets
• Greenery
• Planters
• Lighting

Or if you know that you will love a bright pink outdoor sofa, go for it! You may need to design custom cushions to create your dream neon pink outdoor space.


Choose a Focal Point

Most outdoor spaces revolve around something. Look back at that list of what you want to use this space for. Maybe it’s an outdoor kitchen, a pool, or a fire-pit. Make sure that the furniture you select works with it and enhances it. If your focal point is a fire pit, you will want additional lighting and seating that encourages people to gather around it.

If your focal point is more on dining, you’re going to want a different setup. A large table with additional chairs for guests is going to be key. You may even enjoy a sideboard or buffet to help with hosting duties.

Now it’s time to take this to the next level; seating selection.


Select Comfortable Seating

To truly turn your outdoor space into your favourite part of your home, you will need comfortable, quality outdoor furniture. This is non-negotiable. If you spend any significant amount of time outdoors, you will want furnishings that won’t leave you feeling sore the next day.

Many different materials are available for outdoor furniture, but not all of them are created equal. Look for natural materials such as wicker, rattan, teak, or cedar. These materials are comfortable, durable, and will last you for years to come.

Absolute comfort comes from the cushions you use. Don’t just buy one size fits all options available at the local improvement store. Instead, invest in cushions that fit your furniture, provide superior comfort, and last for years.

Things to look for:

✓ Quality foam – this will be more comfortable and will last much longer. There is nothing worse than a flat cushion only one month after buying it.

✓ Quality Fabric – You want it to look good and stand up to the elements since this is what you see most. Please choose a fabric meant for outdoor use; they protect the foam and don’t fade or stain as quickly as other fabric options.


Decide how you will care for your Furniture

With all the time and money you will spend selecting the best outdoor furniture, make sure you keep it in good shape. The best way to do this is by ensuring you have the proper care supplies.

If you have natural materials, such as wicker or rattan, you will want to invest in a quality sealant. This will help protect it from damage and make it easier to clean.

If you plan on using your outdoor furniture a lot, consider investing in covers for your cushions. This will protect them from dirt, stains, and the elements when not in use.

If you live in an area where it gets too cold winter or have heavy rains at different times of the year, consider storage options that better protect your furniture. There are containers or sheds designed explicitly for this purpose.

Now that you know all of the things to consider when designing your perfect outdoor space, it’s time to get started! Please look at some of the custom cushions we create and see what speaks to you. From there, it’s easy to find furniture and accessories that fit your chosen aesthetic. Once you have your furniture picked out, don’t forget to accessorise! Planters, lighting, and greenery can help make your space feel like home. And finally, make sure you have the proper care supplies so that your furniture will last for years. With a little bit of effort, you can quickly turn your outdoor space into your favourite part of the house.

“Remember that party evening when you were jealous of those beautiful cushions being praised by everyone at your not-so-good friend’s place. So, hey, don’t you too wanna own one of those enticing pieces of Sunbrella cushions to get all the eyes on.”

We at Cushions Custom believe in catering to your personal needs and so we bring to you cushions that suit your style and comfort. After an exhausting day at work, don’t we all deserve a cup of tea on our balcony in the comfort of our cushions, rolling the pages of a favorite book? We customize our cushions and pillows as per the details provided to us by you in terms of a template or size. We provide a wide range of cushions for both indoor and outdoor use.

On our site, you would be lured by the best quality fabrics, blended with premium quality foam promising you both style and comfort all at the same time.


Deciding your styling needs

It all starts with an urge to style our abode flawlessly and enticingly. Well, that is a mirror of our personality too. Therefore, the exercise includes judging myriads of parameters. To help you in deciding your style, we have chalked down some parameters below which will ensure your style along with the very needed relevance of the purpose of every nook and corner of your house.

• Area of the house
• Number of rooms
• Purpose of each room
• Personal touch

Now let’s discuss the above-mentioned tenets in detail:


Area of the House

Perhaps one of the most important parameters on your styling yardstick should be to judge the area of the house and what proportion of it will be acquired by furniture. As it goes without saying; more the area, more the requirement of furniture, and more the styling dynamics of the furniture. And what can add more style to a piece of furniture than an enticing Sunbrella cushion!


Number of Rooms

The more the number of rooms, the more the purposes it serves and therefore, the more styling dynamics it requires. No one would like to have the same type of cushions in every room, so to keep the monotony out of the door, we need to style it uniquely in each room.


Purpose of each room

A room where you meet with your business correspondents should have a professional outlook with bold colors like grey, olive green and black and so should your cushions. On the other hand, your bedroom should have a more informal and personal outlook with colors that blends with your sweet sleep.


Personal Touch

It entirely depends on your fancies if your balcony will look like a dreamy Italian cafe or a green Bali cottage. Our customized cushions will just be the icing on the cake. It will complement the look you want your sweet corners to look like. 


Deliberating on your comfort needs

Now while we are discussing style, let’s not forget comfort on the way. It plays an indispensable role in the long run so while choosing your go-to cushion, comfort can’t be compromised. Are you worried about how to analyze comfort and cushion? Well, don’t worry. We got you covered here too. There are different kinds of cushions mentioned below that serve different purposes.

• Custom T shape Cushion
• Custom L shape Cushion
• Custom Bench Cushion
• Custom Round Cushion

Now, let’s discuss in detail each one of them:

Custom T shape Cushion

It refers to a square-shaped cushion for an upholstered chair that has frontal extensions for fitting around the arms in the shape of a T. It makes the sofa aesthetically alluring and provides a more even cushioned area which makes it more comfortable. So, the next time you want to binge through your favourite OTT shows, grab a pack of nachos and mellow out with our super-comfy cushions.

Custom L shape Cushion

It is used in sofas as on-end cushions, on any side, right or left. Its purpose is to wrap around the frontal section of an arm. It enlarges your sofa, at the same time brings everyone closer by giving a turnaround at one of the ends. It’s perfect for those football matches with friends and family.

Custom Bench Cushion

While you sit on that bench, burning the midnight oil and completing your targets before the deadline, let’s take a moment to know how bench cushions can highly comfort you and improve your work efficiency. We guess comfort and efficiency couldn’t be this easy to conquer.

Custom Round Cushion

Round cushions are usually made firm for providing better back or arm support. Sometimes, they are also used for decorative purposes. So, after a back-wrecking day, if your body deserves anything, then that is our round cushion. We will ensure that there is at least something good back at home, during your bad days. Our custom cushions are the first choices of all those comfort connoisseurs out there.


The Darling Fabric- Sunbrella

Sunbrella fabric has come out as a leader in the world of fabrics for indoor and outdoor upholstery, custom fabrics and so on. With the potential of getting customized to a wide colour palette, it promises both style and comfort. We at Cushions Custom believe in providing the best to our clients, no wonder why we use this fabric in our cushions.

Now that you know how to decide upon your styling and comfort needs while choosing your favourite custom cushions, it’s time to roll up your sleeves to get started! Kindly surf through our amazing cushion collection, recapitulate the parameters to be judged upon and imagine your own. Don’t worry. Leave the job of turning your expectation into reality to us. You know what, our prior cushion dreamers have attested, we are really good at it. So, what are you waiting for? Take the first step in customizing your cushions according to your style and comfort. Kindly invite us too to your evening parties. We would love to see your not-so-good friends get jealous at your cushions getting all the praise!

Replacement cushions play a significant role in the interior design of your house. There is no doubt about how a cushion is such an important design element in the living room. If you are here in this blog to know about the bespoke cushion, read the article carefully until the end. The blog will discuss the importance of cushions and why you should choose bespoke cushions for your home or commercial property.


How can cushions play a crucial role in the interior design of your room?

Considering patio furniture replacement cushions to decorate your home like an interior designer is one of the good choices. The element plays a crucial role in evaluating the overall effect of the interior decoration scheme of your place. Apart from providing comfort, support, and pressure relief, the cushion is a great way to add an aesthetic appearance to your space.


Why you should choose the bespoke cushion

Now that you know the importance of sunbrella replacement cushions in enhancing the interior looks of your space, it’s time to take a look at why you should go with this bespoke cushion over others.

If you are looking for cushions for home or commercial property, then a bespoke cushion is the one-stop solution. There are many reasons to go for these cushions, and the below section will discuss the various reasons to choose bespoke cushions over others. By reading the blog, you will know the ideal solution for the cushion buying goals you have set.

The custom-made, bespoke sunbrella cushions would be an excellent option for commercial and domestic purposes. The number of benefits that a bespoke cushion can offer is countless. Consider the notable facts below to know the benefits of bespoke made cushions.


Choose the right style that matches the property’s aesthetic

When you decide to buy a bespoke custom outdoor cushion, choosing a style that matches the property aesthetically is essential. With too many readymade cushions available in the market, it’s become difficult to choose a property that can match the aesthetic appeal of your place. However, many sites offer custom-made, bespoke cushions that can meet your preferences. If you go for such a cushion, then it will be an excellent solution overall.


Choose a custom-made cushion for the perfect fit for your home.

The number of cushions required depends from property to property. For example, if you are choosing custom cushions for your business, you will need more cushions than a one-bedroom apartment. Hence the customer bespoke cushion is the one-stop solution as you can choose exactly the number you need.


Best quality product

The bespoke made cushion is made with the highest quality fabric and filler, and you can be assured of their durability as they can last for so long. Even if you choose custom-made cushions, they will have an excellent touch, and they are completed to the highest standard possible.


There are many unique designs.

The bespoke sunbrella outdoor cushions comes in the market with a unique design, and you can choose one according to your design preference. However, if you have any particular design preference that’s a little niche-specific, then the custom bespoke cushion is the best solution. The custom-made bespoke cushion offers an excellent solution to such a problem. When you choose the custom bespoke cushion, you will be surrounded by top-quality designs.


How to find quality bespoke made cushion

Now that you know about the benefits of bespoke cushions, it’s time to look at the steps to find quality bespoke cushions. Sometimes it becomes difficult to find the right place to get the best quality bespoke cushion. To help you to find the various solutions for your buying needs, the below section has outlined some of the critical things that you can consider.


Going with experience brands

Experience always matters and plays a massive role in bespoke-made cushions, and this element you should consider for your cushion buy needs. The custom-made cushion can offer an uncompromising level of quality; however, when you go for an inexperienced brand, then you cannot expect the same durability as an experienced brand.


Consider review

Reviews also play a significant role in deciding whether you can meet your unique requirements. Even if you choose professional bespoke custom patio cushions design teams, you should go through the reviews that are expressed by customers. If you notice any kind of poor customer service or workmanship, you must be careful when choosing the brand.


Whether the brand can meet your requirements

It’s crucial to check whether the brand you are choosing can provide you with the top-quality design you deserve. Whatever brand you choose, the cushion maker will be slightly different. And in this aspect, you need to look carefully at whether the chosen team can assist you with the design. Before you place an order, it’s essential to consult with the chosen team. Discuss whether they can go a long way towards ensuring that you get the best quality result.


Whether it matches your budget

If you are ordering multiple cushions, then the order would come with a high price tag. However, it is essential to check whether the chosen team can live up to your expectation in terms of budget or not.



Hence this was all about the bespoke custom patio cushions and how you can choose the right bespoke cushion. The custom bespoke made cushion can offer an excellent aesthetic in commercial as well as domestic places. Before you choose the best bespoke cushion, go through the guide above so that you do not compromise on your cushion buying needs.

Different seasons of the year come with different colors, features and styles. For instance, the autumn season also known as the fall brings a subtle sense of restlessness as we begin to get cozy and prepare for the chilly winter season. On the other hand, the spring season signifies a new beginning as trees come with new leaves and beautiful bright flowers. It is a good idea to constantly adapt the home decorations according to the season.  Cushions play a vital role in uplifting the overall beauty of a room. However, you cannot simply go to the market and choose a random cushion for your critically important decor idea.  So, in this article, we would love to help choose the perfect cushions to adapt to the wonderful spring season.


Cushions You Should Consider

Apart from the urge of changing your cushions just because of the season, you might also change them because it has become old and are no longer suitable to display in public. Whatever the reason might be, it isn’t a hard decision to choose considering the wide range of options available in the market. Now, let us discuss some of the most popular cushions that are used in almost every household:


Chair Cushion

Chair cushions are the most unique and widely used cushion in this category. They are perfect for supporting the back and releasing the stress of daily life. Since they also provide a comfortable sitting position, they are often referred to as seat pads. You must consider this cushion if you have any wooden or iron chairs. This cushion can help you to comfortably sit on a chair in the garden and enjoy the spring season. The perfect view to witness the transition from the winter season to the summer season. You can also choose different colors depending on your taste or the surroundings.


Lumbar Support Throw Pillows

In case you have furniture design ideas, then, you must consider the lumbar support throw pillows. These pillows are very light and come in a portable shape. There are also many medical benefits of these pillows.  For example, they help to correct your posture, relieve stress and provide perfect spine support. In this context, we must mention that due to the present work-from-home culture, these pillows can benefit a lot as the youth sit on the couch for hours for office work. You must choose the perfect colors that can go along with your couch or interiors.


Floor Cushions

If you want to revolutionize the looks of your room, you should seriously consider adding a floor cushion. This is a great option to add more seating capacity to the room while complementing your interior decoration. They also help to improve the quality of coziness that is present in your room. They not only help to mask the empty area in large rooms but also help in making memories with friends and family. In short, we can justify that floor cushions are the perfect mix between functionality and comfortability.  So, they will provide the best experience to you irrespective of the situation or the season.


Porch Swings

A Porch Swing not only helps to keep the atmosphere peaceful but also makes it functional for everyone.  One thing we can say for sure is that it will become the favourite sitting place for everyone who will visit your house.  It is the perfect place if you want to get lost in a book while enjoying the blissful atmosphere of the spring season. While getting this swing, you should not only consider the cushion but also the dimensions of the swing. This will ensure that it perfectly fits inside your room or the outdoor atmosphere.


Bar Stools

It is a perfect idea to include bar stools as one of the complementary additions to your spring makeover. This can act as the perfect sitting place for guests who will be visiting your house for the first time. Cushions play a vital role in completely changing the looks of a bar stool. It also makes it more comfortable. One thing that you must consider is that the stools must blend in with the other spring decors that will be present in the room.  Changing the visual looks of a Barstool is as simple as just changing the cushion on top of it. This is also one of the major benefits of choosing bar stool cushions.


Where to Get the Perfect Cushions

Now that we have discussed all the different types of cushions that can perfectly adapt to the spring style, we come to the most important question of this article.  Where to get these cushions from? It is almost impossible to choose various types of different cushions at an offline outlet. The best possible option is to go for online websites that can provide you with a variety of customizations. One of the market leaders in this segment is They specialize in making high-quality custom cushions with Sunbrella fabric. Their most popular products are throw pillows, seat cushions and back cushions. This company allows you to customize the cushions according to your heart’s content.

The customization options are not limited to the colour but you can also customize the thickness of the foam, they even help you to customize the fabric pattern. They are so confident about the quality of their products, that all of the cushions come with a three-year limited warranty.  The primary goal of this company is to bridge the gap between premium home decor items and affordability. They use a special foam that comes with fast drying and high-density features to provide the utmost comfort.


The Conclusion

So, we can conclude that cushions not only play a pivotal role in improving the overall aesthetics of your decor but also bring about the mood according to the season. However, you must remember that your decision-making capabilities can have a direct impact on the real implementation of the decor ideas. You can also use the consultation services provided by various online websites like These experts can massively help you to narrow down the options according to your budget and taste.

Cushions Custom is all about producing high-quality bespoke cushions, but getting precisely what you want requires some effort on your part. Custom-shaped cushions that differ from the regular designs we offer online are deemed unique shapes and, as such, necessitate the use of a template.

On a daily basis, many customers contact in to inquire about how to design a custom template. We thought I’d draw a storyboard of the stages necessary to assist you understand what we need.

What exactly is a template? A template is a shaped piece of cloth or paper cut to the shape of the cushion you want.

First Step – Place the paper or cloth on the spot where you want the cushion to sit. Trace the place where the cushion will go.Img 20220710 235011 1 Scaled E1657551122787

Second Step – After you’ve traced the area, cut out the template using scissors.

Img 20220710 235314 1

Third Step – Now you’ll see if the template fits in your space. Simply place it on the area to ensure it looks right.

Img 20220711 001153 1

Fourth Step – We need all of the following information specified on the template in order to manufacture your personalised cushion templates. This is an important aspect of providing you with the highest quality product possible.

Img Scaled E1657561793309

Final Step – Chat/call/email us for further information on the address to submit the template to.