Elevate The Look Of Your Outdoor Space Instantly With Sunbrella Custom Cushions

With Sunbrella outdoor patio cushions, you can immediately change the entire aesthetic of your outdoor space without having to invest in brand-new patio furniture. Sunbrella replacement outdoor patio cushions provide homeowners with one of the most affordable ways to refresh their backyard patio, deck, or pool area, all without the expense of a major renovation or purchase of new furniture. Let your creativity and imagination guide you as you create custom cushions to match your own unique style personality!
Whether you’re preferred design theme is contemporary, traditional, coastal, modern, or a sophisticated and eclectic mix of styles, we have an industry-leading selection of Sunbrella custom cushion fabric options in bold patterns and vibrant colours.

We Are Cushion Professionals

We custom build all of our cushions, pillows, and draperies in-house, and may work from a template you provide us or the sizes you specify. Our specialty is window bench and chaise lounge cushions, but we also provide a wide range of other cushions for both indoor and outdoor use. For ideas, go to our Customise page.

We’re More Than Just Cushions

Our professional fabricators have worked with Sunbrella and other textiles on just about any indoor/outdoor project you can conceive of. To make it easy to add comfort and flair to your home, we also offer other wide range that includes curtains/drapery, shades, etc among others.

Built To Last!

Sunbrella cushions have withstood time and climatic extremes.

The blazing sun of the low and high deserts; Lake Tahoe and Mammoth’s snow. San Diego and the Pacific Coast’s Salt Air The Bay Area’s Wind and Rain.

Sunbrella® outdoor cushions will last regardless of where you live in the United States!

We take your creations seriously! (Way too Seriously) 

Extraordinary Cushions need a little additional work from you!! We may need to contact you to confirm measurements, fabric orientation, and other details.

There are no hidden fees with us. On our website, we have everything broken down. We will advise you through email if there are any upgrade fees that were not included in your order, such as fabric upgrades, before any payments are completed.

Do you want us to create something unique for you?

Tell us a bit about your project to get things started. Give us some basic information, such as the size of the cushions and the material you wish to use. Please allow our quotation department 2-3 business days to respond to your inquiry.