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    Create your Unique Custom Cushion Template
  • Cushions Custom is all about producing high-quality bespoke cushions, but getting precisely what you want requires some effort on your part. Custom-shaped cushions that differ from the regular designs we offer online are deemed unique shapes and, as such, necessitate the use of a template.

    On a daily basis, many customers contact in to inquire about how to design a custom template. We thought I’d draw a storyboard of the stages necessary to assist you understand what we need.

    What exactly is a template? A template is a shaped piece of cloth or paper cut to the shape of the cushion you want.

    First Step – Place the paper or cloth on the spot where you want the cushion to sit. Trace the place where the cushion will go.Img 20220710 235011 1 Scaled E1657551122787

    Second Step – After you’ve traced the area, cut out the template using scissors.

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    Third Step – Now you’ll see if the template fits in your space. Simply place it on the area to ensure it looks right.

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    Fourth Step – We need all of the following information specified on the template in order to manufacture your personalised cushion templates. This is an important aspect of providing you with the highest quality product possible.

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    Final Step – Chat/call/email us for further information on the address to submit the template to.

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