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    Order the Perfect Replacement Cushion
  • After years of faithful service keeping you comfortable, your cushions will eventually wear out and need replacing. With a range of foam types, shapes, and sizes to choose from, you can rely on us to create a long-lasting, durable cushion replacement for your furniture. We can create cushions to fit your exacting requirements, regardless of shape and size.

    Our custom cushions are tailored to meet your individual needs and style. All it takes is for you to enter a few simple measurements (we show you how), and you can easily design any type of replacement cushions for your home or office, including an outdoor cushion cover to go with your outdoor wicker cushion, chaise lounge, window seat, bench seat, or whatever other unique requirements you need to create comfort and style.

    On our site, you will find that the best quality fabrics, combined with high-quality foam, will ensure you are sitting pretty in every room of the house.

    Custom Replacement Cushion Guide – How to Get the Perfect Cushion Every Time

    The most accurate way to measure your replacement foam cushions is to use your existing covers as a guide while leaving the foam inside. Your old couch cushion foam inserts on their own may not give you reliable measurements after years of getting pushed out of shape, especially if they were made from lower-quality foam.

    Use these simple steps to ensure you can enter accurate measurements into our online ordering system or get in touch with us if anything remains unclear.

    First, measure the cover from seam to seam to get the most accurate measurement. Next, measure back-to-back and side to side. Ensure you stretch the cover tight so you know you will get a snug fit for your new chair cushions.

    Now you need to measure the depth. A seam-to-seam measurement of the cover is recommended for this as well. Remember to pull the cover tight. Cushions that have piping should be measured from between the piping.

    Don’t bother measuring across the center as many cushions are slightly domed, so your measurement will be inaccurate.

    If you don’t have furniture cushions to measure, you will need to measure the internal seating area. Keep in mind that back cushions will be raised up off the base of the furniture, so make sure to deduct the height of your cushion from this figure.

    Foam is flexible, so you don’t have to be super accurate for your measurements. A couple of millimeters here or there is not going to stop the cover from going on. However, going slightly bigger is the safer option.

    Choose Your Custom Cushion Shape

    Now that you have a pretty good idea of how to measure your custom cushion, you are ready to select the desired shape from our guide, which has a range of shapes to choose from, including T-shaped, rounded, trapezium, and more.

    Don’t forget to note where the zipper should go and any other details we should know.

    Types of Foam Cushion

    Different foam types are used in foam cushions, ranging from high quality to cheap and nasty that won’t last very long. All types of foam will soften over time, but you will get a lot more wear out of higher quality foams, making them more economical over the long term. Naturally, we want you to always have the best seat in the house, so we only source from quality suppliers.

    Another feature of foam is that thinner foam feels softer. The thicker your cushion gets, the firmer it will feel. The major plus side of thicker cushions is they also offer extra support.

    Tips for Replacing Your Couch Cushions

    Whether it’s a cushion for your indoor couch or custom outdoor seat cushions, you want to make sure your custom cushions are an excellent fit. Here are a few tips to use when purchasing furniture cushions online.

    Triple Check Your Measurements

    Getting your measurements right is critical, otherwise, you will be paying for cushions you probably can’t use. Sofa cushions rarely have standard measurements, which is why we provide an in-depth guide on how to measure accurately when you order custom cushions. Double check and triple check your measurements to avoid disappointment.

    Get the Highest Quality You Can

    You may think you are saving money when purchasing replacement cushions with lower-quality foam. However, they won’t last. You will always find that higher-quality cushions will last many times longer, making them a more economical purchase because you won’t have to replace them as often. Would you rather have a cushion you need to replace every year or one that costs a little more but will give you a solid three to five years of use?

    Protect Your Custom Cushions

    A few simple steps will get you more use of your customized cushions. Wrapping foam in a down envelope or batting before placing it inside the cover will provide an extra layer of protection. The cushion will also keep its full, stuffed look that will improve the overall appearance of your couch.

    Choose a hard-wearing fabric for your outdoor replacement cushions to get more use out of them. An upholstery sealant will waterproof them, so they dry out faster in the wet, but you should wipe your cushions dry after rain to prevent mold.

    Store your cushions out of the elements when not in use as the sun’s UV rays can take their toll on even the hardest wearing materials. A bench box that doubles as extra seating is great for keeping them protected and out of the way.

    Order Custom Cushions Today

    Fabrica Kraft LLC has been developing home furnishings and accessories for more than two decades and knows how to make high quality, long-lasting cushions that are as beautiful as they are comfortable.

    We can create any type of cushion in any size and shape and for every purpose. We pride ourselves on creating affordable products without compromising on quality. Find out more on how we can help you with your custom cushions today.

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