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    Customize Your Cushion According To Your Style And Comfort
  • “Remember that party evening when you were jealous of those beautiful cushions being praised by everyone at your not-so-good friend’s place. So, hey, don’t you too wanna own one of those enticing pieces of Sunbrella cushions to get all the eyes on.”

    We at Cushions Custom believe in catering to your personal needs and so we bring to you cushions that suit your style and comfort. After an exhausting day at work, don’t we all deserve a cup of tea on our balcony in the comfort of our cushions, rolling the pages of a favorite book? We customize our cushions and pillows as per the details provided to us by you in terms of a template or size. We provide a wide range of cushions for both indoor and outdoor use.

    On our site, you would be lured by the best quality fabrics, blended with premium quality foam promising you both style and comfort all at the same time.


    Deciding your styling needs

    It all starts with an urge to style our abode flawlessly and enticingly. Well, that is a mirror of our personality too. Therefore, the exercise includes judging myriads of parameters. To help you in deciding your style, we have chalked down some parameters below which will ensure your style along with the very needed relevance of the purpose of every nook and corner of your house.

    • Area of the house
    • Number of rooms
    • Purpose of each room
    • Personal touch

    Now let’s discuss the above-mentioned tenets in detail:


    Area of the House

    Perhaps one of the most important parameters on your styling yardstick should be to judge the area of the house and what proportion of it will be acquired by furniture. As it goes without saying; more the area, more the requirement of furniture, and more the styling dynamics of the furniture. And what can add more style to a piece of furniture than an enticing Sunbrella cushion!


    Number of Rooms

    The more the number of rooms, the more the purposes it serves and therefore, the more styling dynamics it requires. No one would like to have the same type of cushions in every room, so to keep the monotony out of the door, we need to style it uniquely in each room.


    Purpose of each room

    A room where you meet with your business correspondents should have a professional outlook with bold colors like grey, olive green and black and so should your cushions. On the other hand, your bedroom should have a more informal and personal outlook with colors that blends with your sweet sleep.


    Personal Touch

    It entirely depends on your fancies if your balcony will look like a dreamy Italian cafe or a green Bali cottage. Our customized cushions will just be the icing on the cake. It will complement the look you want your sweet corners to look like. 


    Deliberating on your comfort needs

    Now while we are discussing style, let’s not forget comfort on the way. It plays an indispensable role in the long run so while choosing your go-to cushion, comfort can’t be compromised. Are you worried about how to analyze comfort and cushion? Well, don’t worry. We got you covered here too. There are different kinds of cushions mentioned below that serve different purposes.

    • Custom T shape Cushion
    • Custom L shape Cushion
    • Custom Bench Cushion
    • Custom Round Cushion

    Now, let’s discuss in detail each one of them:

    Custom T shape Cushion

    It refers to a square-shaped cushion for an upholstered chair that has frontal extensions for fitting around the arms in the shape of a T. It makes the sofa aesthetically alluring and provides a more even cushioned area which makes it more comfortable. So, the next time you want to binge through your favourite OTT shows, grab a pack of nachos and mellow out with our super-comfy cushions.

    Custom L shape Cushion

    It is used in sofas as on-end cushions, on any side, right or left. Its purpose is to wrap around the frontal section of an arm. It enlarges your sofa, at the same time brings everyone closer by giving a turnaround at one of the ends. It’s perfect for those football matches with friends and family.

    Custom Bench Cushion

    While you sit on that bench, burning the midnight oil and completing your targets before the deadline, let’s take a moment to know how bench cushions can highly comfort you and improve your work efficiency. We guess comfort and efficiency couldn’t be this easy to conquer.

    Custom Round Cushion

    Round cushions are usually made firm for providing better back or arm support. Sometimes, they are also used for decorative purposes. So, after a back-wrecking day, if your body deserves anything, then that is our round cushion. We will ensure that there is at least something good back at home, during your bad days. Our custom cushions are the first choices of all those comfort connoisseurs out there.


    The Darling Fabric- Sunbrella

    Sunbrella fabric has come out as a leader in the world of fabrics for indoor and outdoor upholstery, custom fabrics and so on. With the potential of getting customized to a wide colour palette, it promises both style and comfort. We at Cushions Custom believe in providing the best to our clients, no wonder why we use this fabric in our cushions.

    Now that you know how to decide upon your styling and comfort needs while choosing your favourite custom cushions, it’s time to roll up your sleeves to get started! Kindly surf through our amazing cushion collection, recapitulate the parameters to be judged upon and imagine your own. Don’t worry. Leave the job of turning your expectation into reality to us. You know what, our prior cushion dreamers have attested, we are really good at it. So, what are you waiting for? Take the first step in customizing your cushions according to your style and comfort. Kindly invite us too to your evening parties. We would love to see your not-so-good friends get jealous at your cushions getting all the praise!

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