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    How to Wash Sunbrella Outdoor Cushions
  • As summer draws to a close, you may be looking at your beautiful Sunbrealla outdoor cushions with mixed emotions and a critical eye. Sunbrella and similar outdoor textiles are designed to survive the elements and normal wear and tear, but yours has probably picked up a few stains from all the dirt and popsicles you’ve been eating this summer. To us, the most memorable times are the most chaotic ones. We provide the most excellent instructions on how to clean your sunbrella outdoor chair cushions thoroughly.

    This article is helpful to you in learning about the benefits of cleaning sunbrella cushions for outdoor furniture and the best methods for maintaining this long-lasting material.

    For Spot Cleaning:

    ● Use a dry, clean cloth to blot up any liquid spillage.

    ● Apply cornstarch to absorb oil, and sweep it up with a straight edge.

    ● Use a spray bottle to apply a solution of soap and water to the affected area.

    ● Give the item an excellent rinsing to remove any remaining soap, then hang it up to dry.

    ● Rub the soapy water into the stain with a sponge or a soft brush and repeat if necessary.


    Follow these Simple Steps for Cleaning Removable Covers:

    ● Removing the fabric from the sunbrella outdoor pillows is best.

    ● Wash it separately with your preferred stain remover


    ● One gallon of lukewarm water and fourteen cups of soap should be used to hand-wash the cloth.

    ● After rinsing the sunbrella outdoor cushionswell, it may be rubbed with a sponge or soft brush to remove any remaining soap. Relax and let the atmosphere dry out.

    Avoid Dry Cleaning Sunbrella Cushion Covers

    Helpful Advice

    ● Sunbrella outdoor chair cushions have excellent stain resistance, but if spills aren’t cleaned up quickly, they may be impossible to remove altogether.

    ● Sunbrella outdoor pillows may become discoloured if you work with a bleach solution, so take care not to bleach anything that isn’t Sunbrella.

    ● To ensure that all traces of bleach are removed from your Sunbrella, rinse it thoroughly after the use of bleach.

    ● Reduce your use of bleach if you’re concerned about the environment. In your area, bleach could have serious adverse effects on the ecosystem. You should not use bleach if you live by a body of water or another potentially hazardous region.

    Does Sunbrella Fabric Shrink in a Dryer?

    Yes. Sunbrella fabric should never be dried in a dryer. Finishing sunbrella cushions for outdoor furniture with a fluorocarbon coating increases their resistance to water. Sunbrella, often known as a thermoplastic or heat-sensitive material, is constructed entirely from acrylic fibres.

    To keep the fabric in good condition, you should never use a dryer or subject it to high heat. It’s best to use something other than a steam press in addition to a dryer.

    Cleaning Sunbrella Outdoor Pillows with the Sunbrella Graphics System

    Sunbrella cushions for outdoor furniture may be kept looking fantastic with a monthly hosing down with clean water. This helps prevent dirt from becoming embedded in the fabric and thus lessens the frequency with which it must be cleaned. In most cases, deep cleaning should be performed every two to three years.

    Cleaning a Sunbrella fabric while still in an awning frame is simple. Sunbrella fabrics require special care, so please read the following cleaning directions carefully.

    ● Lukewarm or chilly water is ideal;

    ● Use a mild soap like Woolite or Dawn dish liquid. After you have finished rinsing, check to see no traces of soap left.

    ● Air drying only. To avoid damaging your Sunbrella fabric, never heat it. It would help if you didn’t use a hose sprayer or a power washer.

    ● Avoid utilizing a harsh, abrasive scouring method on graphics-heavy surfaces when cleaning.

    ● Avoid using abrasive cleansers or solvents like acetone on document areas that require cleaning since these areas include graphics.

    ● Do not use a washing machine to clean.

    Clean your Sunbrella awning by following these steps while it is still attached to the frame:

    ●Pick up and discard any stray dirt. Wash up.

    ● Mix water and a moderate dishwashing agent, such as Woolite or Dawn, to make a cleaning solution.

    ● Use a gentle bristle brush for cleaning.

    ● Make sure the cleaning solution has a chance to soak into the fabric.

    ● Make sure every trace of soap is removed by giving it a good rinse.

    Depending on how long the fabric has been stored, a new treatment may not be required. A diluted bleach/soap solution can be used for on-the-spot cleaning of similar spills if they are particularly tenacious.

    Heavy-Duty Cleaning for Mold and Other Persistent Stains and Messes

    While Sunbrella outdoor cushions do not support the growth of mildew, dirt and other foreign matter left on the material can promote the development of this fungus.

    Getting rid of mildew or other complicated messes:

    ● To disinfect one gallon of water, add one cup of chlorine bleach and one-fourth cup of mild soap.

    ● To clean, pick up a brush with gentle bristles.

    ● The “edge” of the vinyl decals must not be brushed. Instead of brushing along the vinyl’s edge, you should move away from it.

    ● You should give the fabric at least 15 minutes to absorb the solution.

    ● Eliminate all traces of soap by rinsing and air drying. If that fails, try again.

    ● The fabric must be retreated to restore its water and stain resistance.

    Moving away from Sunbrella Fabrics

    Sunbrella textiles are made to last. After years of usage and exposure, or even after multiple thorough cleanings, you may decide that your fabrics need to be rejuvenated by using an appropriate reviving solution.

    Applying Retreatment

    If you have any Sunbrella outdoor pillows needing cleaning, try one of the methods we recommend. However, Sunbrella needs to dry completely in the open air.

    Retreat as recommended on the container, preferably somewhere with plenty of fresh airflows.

    Alternative Cleaning Methods & Locations

    You should expect the majority of the cleaning process to be the same regardless of whether you’re tackling one of these everyday messes. There are several procedures to deal with various stains and spills.

    ● To remove coffee, tea, raw eggs, ketchup, or milk, combine 1/4 cup of dishwasher soap with 1 gallon of water.

    ● To eliminate dried blood, combine 1 cup of ammonia with 1 gallon of dishwashing liquid.

    Does it look like there’s gum stuck in it? To disinfect it, use isopropyl alcohol, and to disinfect a gallon of water, add 1/4 cup of dishwasher detergent.

    Final Thoughts

    It is as simple as that! Hopefully, you now feel confident enough to give these items a quick cleaning before storing them for the year or carrying them into the fall. Always find out if there is anything more that can be of assistance. Sunbrella outdoor chair cushions should never be dried in a dryer, so keep that in mind.

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