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    Keys to Choosing the Best Chaise Lounge Cushions
  • Your outdoor space, be it on a patio or deck, is an environment designed for peaceful relaxation, casual conversation, and summertime comfort. While all chairs, tables, and barbeques prove to be essential in any outdoor experience, a chaise lounge chair is guaranteed to bring new levels of comfortability to your outdoor space.

    Whether you are looking for chaise lounge cushions for the first time, or as replacements for your current cushions, there are several things you’ll want to consider in your purchase. Most importantly, you want to make sure you choose the quality, style, material, and feel that best fits your space.

    There are right ways to buy outdoor cushions, and wrong ways to buy outdoor cushions. Just so you can avoid any mistakes when purchasing chaise patio cushions, we’ve narrowed down the most important tips for you to consider. Let’s dive in and see just what they are!

    Matching Your Home’s Style and Design

    Most people usually take one of two approaches when deciding how to style their outdoor living space. Some like to match the style already inside and around their home completely. Others will choose a contrasting style that can pull out certain elements better suited for the outdoor space. Regardless, you’ll want to match your chaise lounge cushions with the outdoor setup you already have. In this case, customizing your outdoor cushions can be extremely advantageous.

    Shopping for cushions off the shelf may be easier, but you don’t get the same feel for how the style is going to fit in with your house unless you customize the cushions yourself. Customizing your own chaise lounge cushions allows you to mix and match different elements of style. This way, you are in the driver’s seat.

    Elements of Style to Consider:

    Shape: You are going to be somewhat limited with this element by the overall shape of your chaise lounge chair, but there is always room for some flexibility. Think in terms of comfort and functionality here.
    Color: While neutral tones of gray, tan, and white will often go with any style, don’t be afraid to step out of the box. Going with bold colors of yellow, green, or red, can do incredible things for your outdoor atmosphere.
    Design: Much the same as color, styling your outdoor space is a chance to be bold. When you customize your outdoor cushions, you aren’t forced to choose one of a few solid colors. Instead, you have the chance to find unique patterns and designs that can add to the feel you want your outdoor living space to have.

    While the elements of style are going to be what stands out the most when you have your outdoor cushions finally in place, it’s also important to consider how these cushions are going to be used. It’s kind of in the name with chaise lounge chairs; they are designed for comfort and relaxation. But that doesn’t have to be all they are designed for.

    If you’re chaise lounge doubles as an outdoor bench or daybed, it’s not a bad idea to consider a double chaise cushion, and some incredibly comfortable, high-density foam to soften the seat. At the same time, an extra long chaise lounge cushion paired with fiber filling is the perfect relaxation vessel on a hot summer day.

    Finding the Best Quality Cushion Materials

    Just as there is in style, there is also a lot to unpack in terms of materials. When purchasing any outdoor cushion, your number one concern should be the durability of the fabric. Depending on where you live, the cushions of your outdoor furniture will take a beating from the sun and rain, ultimately deteriorating overtime. The elements are harsh on everything, and outdoor cushions are no exception.

    For a long time now, Sunbrella has stood at the top of outdoor fabrics. Their products are resilient and durable, ensuring that your outdoor cushions stand the test of time. The company is so confident in the quality of their fabrics that they issue a 5-year warranty with every purchase. This is a big deal, especially when many of the outdoor cushions you can purchase from your local furniture/supply store will deteriorate within a season or two’s use.

    Quality Cushion Fabric:

    UV Resistant: There is a good chance your cushions will see a lot of sunlight, especially on a chaise lounge chair. This makes UV resistance a must-have.
    Water Resistant: Even just the morning dew can break down weak fabrics over time. But the fabric Sunbrella uses actually sheds water, ensuring your cushions stay dry and durable.
    Fade Proof: The last thing you want is for the colors and designs on you cushions to wear off with use and time. Sunbrella’s materials prevent this from happening.

    There is a reason why Sunbrella has supplied more quality cushions then any other company in the industry. Their outdoor fabric consists of a specially designed Tenara sewing thread that provides Sunbrella’s signature durability and resiliency. If you are looking for chaise lounge cushions that last, you can’t go wrong here.

    A Confident Solution

    Your Chaise Lounge Chair is a key piece in your outdoor living setup, it might even be your favorite piece. Because of this, the importance of purchasing a top-quality cushion can’t be emphasized enough. Not only will this provide you with the customization in style and function that you need, but it will also save you money in the long run. If you are looking for the best place on the market to find high-quality chaise lounge outdoor cushions, be sure to check out what Cushions Custom has to offer. Their customer satisfaction and customization process are unbeatable.

    Finding the right outdoor furniture cushions can be a pain. But with the personalized experience that Cushions Custom brings to the table, the process is actually made really simple. With the summer of relaxation high upon us already, you don’t want to waste any more time with off-the-shelf furniture products. Personalize your outdoor setup with customizable chaise lounge cushions and bask in the comfort they have to offer.

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