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    Why Sunbrella Cushions are the Outdoor Cushions for You
  • There are a number of things you’ll want to consider while shopping for outdoor cushions. Durability, weather resistance, comfort, and customizable style are all aspects that set Sunbrella cushions apart from the rest of the industry. If you, like many find yourself using your outdoor living space to relax in the warmer months of the year, than you’ll want to prioritize getting a cushion that not only matches your style, but also lasts through the seasons.

    Sunbrella replacement cushions have long been known as the standard-setting cushion in the outdoor furniture market. Their long-lasting quality and incredible comfort have made them the go-to choice for all things outdoor living.

    If you’ve been looking for a cushion that lasts, you can’t go wrong with Sunbrella. The quality of materials they use and care in design they have for all customers make for 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Let’s dive in and see all that custom Sunbrella cushions have to offer.

    Aesthetic Style and Lasting Appeal

    While it is important to have outdoor cushions that last through the year’s rain, snow, and sun exposure, it’s also key to choose something that will improve the overall appearance of your living space. Sunbrella cushions are extremely customizable. You can personalize their shape, material, design, and color to match your home’s current style or spice it up with some new designs.

    You’ll no longer have to deal with the select sizes you get off the shelf. With Sunbrella, you can customize the dimensions of your cushions to specifically fit your own personal furniture. The hassle of dealing with universal sizing is gone, now you can guarantee comfort and correct fit with every cushion.

    In addition, with Sunbrella you have the choice of filling and fabrics to suit each specific piece of outdoor or indoor furniture. There is also no need to worry about how long the cushion will last, as all Sunbrella cushions come with a guaranteed 5-year quality warranty.

    Industry Setting Durability

    If the 5-year warranty isn’t enough, you should know that most Sunbrella replacement cushions have a lifespan of over a decade, ensuring that you get more than your money’s worth. Sunbrella cushions last 2 to 3 times as long as their competitors. This is in large part due to the incredibly innovative Tenara sewing thread that is used to construct their long-lasting fabric. You can feel reassured that indoor or outdoor, rain or shine, these cushions will stand the test of time. The resiliency in materials is something that sets their brand apart, and when you choose to purchase custom Sunbrella cushions, you can guarantee the composition in materials will be best suited to your climate, and desired functionality.

    Cushions that Don’t Succumb to UV Rays

    Not only do these cushions last through continuous use and wear, but they are also resistant to the elements. If you are looking for outdoor cushions, one of the most important qualities to consider is UV resistance. The biggest problem consumers face when purchasing outdoor cushions off the shelf is how quickly they wear down under sun exposure. The fibers in many cushions will wear down under constant sun exposure, eventually fraying or tearing completely. However, the fibers in Sunbrella cushions are coated in a UV-proof compound that holds in durability and flexibility, ensuring your cushions will last under any amount of sunlight.

    Another common problem with many outdoor cushions is how quickly their color and design will fade. This is something also caused by direct exposure to sunlight. The conventional dying, that many of the off-the-shelf brand’s use only dyes the surface of the fibers. However, Sunbrella fibers are soaked directly in the dye, making them more resistant to ultraviolent light than any of their competitors.

    With Sunbrella custom cushions, you are buying a cushion that lasts, both in durability and in color.

    No More Mold or Mildew

    Because of the same quality that makes them UV-resistant, Sunbrella cushions are also resistant to mold, mildew, and other effects of the elements. If you live in a climate that’s humid, wet, or rainy, this is a cushion quality you probably can’t afford to live without. Many cushions will accumulate moisture, making them smelly and leading to their materials decomposing. Sunbrella’s special coating doesn’t let moisture into the fabric and filling of the cushion. Instead, it sheds any moisture from occurrences of heavy rain, or even regular morning dew.

    The last thing you want to do every time it rains is run outside and collect your cushions so they don’t get rained on. Sunbrella has solved the moisture problem, giving you the comfort of knowing your cushions will hold up every time the harsh elements pay you a visit.

    Easy to Clean

    Many of Sunbrella’s competitors cushions are hard to clean because running them through the washing machine can lead to dye bleeding, or even cover shrinking. The fiber construction in custom Sunbrella cushions makes it easy to get rid of any stains with a quick wash. You can simply remove their slip-off cover and wash them in the washing machine. For harsh stains, you can even clean with a bleach solution and not worry about damaging any of the color in your cushion. The materials and fibers used in Sunbrella cushions make for the easiest cleaning of any cushion on the market.

    An Ideal Solution

    If you’ve been looking for indoor or outdoor cushions, but haven’t been able to find any that last, Sunbrella is definitely for you. The same is true for anyone with a desire to fully customize their cushions. Working with a professionally reputable provider like Cushions Custom will leave you with more comfort and aesthetic appeal than you’ve ever had before. After creating your own custom cushions, you’ll never go back to the off-the-shelf brands again. Sunbrella’s quality and comfort make for an unbeatable product, one that you will be thankful for during the years to come. Don’t wait any longer, check out the personalized cushion experience that Sunbrella and Cushions Custom have to offer today!

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